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Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic

A PC-based tool to perform virtualization and verification on a virtual electronic control unit (ECU).

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A laptop displays Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic software

Why Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic?

In Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic, the ECU is simulated so software tests are controllable with unique, non-intrusive trace for deep analysis. The tool also supports industry-standard tool interfaces.

Develop automotive embedded software with our simulation and execution environment

Conduct software verification on virtual hardware 
Create the functional digital twin with the ECU software generated for the physical ECU. Depending on the fidelity necessary for the digital twin, it is possible to replace the microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL) for the physical ECU with an MCAL generated for the virtual platform. This enables the digital twin of the ECU to be connected to a virtual environment based on the functional mock-up interface (FMI) standard and existing communication modeling technologies. 

Integrate, test and analyze automotive embedded software
Improve software quality and detect implementation issues earlier in the development process so they don't impact start-of-production. Engineers can perform software integration and testing on a PC without the need for ECU hardware or access to shared test equipment. The ECU can be simulated allowing software tests to be performed in a controllable and unique, non-intrusive way for deep analysis. Industry-standard tool interfaces are supported. This allows developers to use the same tests and models they use to validate software when actual ECU hardware is available. 

Take advantage of the Virtual ECU 
Access the Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic Virtual ECU, a simulation model of target ECU hardware, including the processor, memory and input/output (I/O) peripherals. Our software is ported to the virtual ECU and is available for the generic virtual ECU, or ported to match the specific model and integrated into the environment, providing a ready-to-use, AUTOSAR-compliant execution platform.

Execute actual ECU software 
Experience the difference of our software through your ability to integrate and test actual AUTOSAR application software. The product includes AUTOSAR basic software and associated configuration and generation tools, allowing developers to directly test what they will deliver in production vehicles.  

Verify software in the context of AUTOSAR
Developers benefit from debugging and analysis through their AUTOSAR architectural elements, in addition to normal C/C++ source-level testing. Cross-correlate the model and code and present them both through the integrated debugger and analyzer. 

Employ non-intrusive trace and stimulus
Simulate software and gather responses, which are essential abilities for validating complex operating conditions and safety cases. Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic uniquely supports verification using a powerful scripting language that provides stimulus/response without code modification or instrumentation, anywhere within the software image. 

Support standard tool interfaces 
Fit naturally within established development processes. Our software is used just like actual ECU hardware through standard interfaces for C/C++ software development, modeling and testing, network-based verification, diagnostics testing and measurement and calibration. 

Test using powerful and continuous integration 
Leverage automatic regression testing since only a PC is needed to use the software. The number of tests that can be performed is limited only by the amount of computing resources available. Get complete control and automation over test cases with our software's powerful scripting language.

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