Capital Harness Costing LD

Create detailed costings for wiring harnesses designed in accordance with the KBL standard.

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harness design engineers review projected harness BOM and costs

Why Capital Harness Costing LD?

Within the scope of the cost calculation, Capital Harness Costing LD takes harness data from previous processes, in either KBL or HCV format, and imports and enriches each harness object with the correct labor time and the amount of material used.

Create accurate cost calculations

Transfer customer logic
Leverage a flexible definition and transfer of customer-specific business logic regarding assembly information (for example, plan times).

Calculate labor and time patterns
Use a comprehensive, but easy, definition of structured and hierarchical labor-time patterns. Getting imports from catalogs based on spreadsheets can be configured on request.

Define calculations
Create and maintain customer-specific calculation logic on a server, ensuring it is accessible as required. Prices can be calculated and evaluated based on manufacturing systems and plant locations, time and material results, exchange rates, as well as the resulting cost of components.

Get support at every stage of estimates
Analyze, verify or export the created results to various output formats for each stage of the calculation process.

Succeed with Capital
Capital Harness Costing LD is complemented by the Capital Harness Designer LD and Capital Harness Analyzer tools.

What is Capital Harness Costing LD?

Capital Harness Costing LD is an application that calculates the assembly labor time, material quantities, as well as the costs and prices of a harness drawing in the KBL/HCV file format. The results are clearly arranged and well-structured, and can be traced to every work step for each harness entity.