Capital Harness Analyzer

Visualize and analyze technical vehicle data based on established industry formats, including KBL, HCV, VEC and JT.

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A computer monitor displaying Capital Harness Analyzer software

Why Capital Harness Analyzer?

Capital Harness Analyzer allows the viewing and searching of graphical content, flexible reporting and data preparation. Virtually check through the full wiring system development process with design rule check (DRCs).

Display and analyze the completed wire harness design

Save time with flexible design shortcuts
Enable the display and analysis of the entire electrical design based on KBL or VEC, including 2D and/or 3D data. Each representation is connected to each other with hyperlinks.

Extend functionality with macros
Extend the standard functionality by writing macro procedures to implement company IP rules and processes. Any routine available in these programming languages extends the functionality already provided by Capital Harness Analyzer to reduce repetitive tasks.

Create versatile schematics
Base dynamic schematic creation on variables such as the connector end or bundle diameter calculation on selected functional modules. Use configurations, assembly group definitions for production, or compare different versions with delta information.

Rely on change management
Redlining and simple changes on the bundle protection are passed back to Capital Harness Designer LD, without manipulating the original document.

Export the files you need
Export data from different work stages as PDF, bill of materials or Excel documents. The data is always dynamic to the selected objects.

Succeed with Capital
Capital Harness Analyzer is complemented by the Capital Harness Designer LD and Capital Harness Costing LD tools.

What is Capital Harness Analyzer?

Capital Harness Analyzer enables the visualization and analysis of technical vehicle data based on established industry formats, including KBL. Navigation is easy, and viewing is seamless between 2D and 3D presentations. Flexible design shortcuts allow you to display and analyze the entire electrical design.