An engineer watching an animation of their excavator machine design in NX.

CAD design validation

Our products deliver visual product analytics and CAD validation tools that enable you to synthesize information quickly, check designs for compliance with requirements, and make informed decisions.

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Design and requirements validation

Access the NX automated validation tools that continuously monitor standards and requirements. CAD validation tools are essential to ensure product quality, comply with standards, fulfill requirements, eliminate errors and warranty costs, and optimize designs for performance and manufacturability.

Automated design validation software

Make validation a continuous, proactive process rather than an afterthought by automating design checking with NX Check-Mate. It includes an extensive library of hundreds of standard checks in modeling, drafting, product and manufacturing information (PMI), geometry, routing, welding and other applications. Using the authoring tool, you can create custom checking functions. The design validation is continuous and automatic, and notifies you immediately when designs fail to comply with standards, best practices, or critical functional and engineering requirements.

A plastic cover of a thermal camera designed in NX.

Integrated requirements validation

Support systems engineering with automated checking tools using NX Requirements Validation. Working with Teamcenter, you can allocate requirements to product subsystems and validate products for compliance with requirements as you design. NX Requirements Validation promotes a common understanding of targets and how well products achieve them.

An individual module weight analysis of a transmission assembly and validating the result to the set requirements.

Visually rich feedback

Use NX Check-Mate and Requirements Validation to deliver visually rich feedback that uses high-definition 3D (HD3D) technology. With HD3D tools, including flow lists, visual tags, tool tips and see-through display modes, you can identify design issues clearly and quickly resolve them.

Image shows the utilization of HD3D to rapidly identify and display certain functional parts/areas of a jet engine here focused on the fuel line.

Design for manufacturing

Significantly reduce engineering change orders (ECOs), manufacturing defects, costs and delays. DFMPro for NX gives you high-definition 3D tools that automate the design review process for manufacturability, helping you identify design issues that are difficult or expensive to manufacture.

HD3D reporting accelerates validation

Support a rapid, streamlined process for identifying, understanding and resolving manufacturability issues. DFMPro for NX is seamlessly integrated with NX CAD software and uses the proven NX Check-Mate validation framework to provide HD3D problem navigation, visual tagging and information drill-down.

HD3D tool in NXA used to validate the manufacturability of a plastic damper cover.

Manufacturability checks using best practices

Leverage DFMPro for NX to automate and formalize the design review process for manufacturability using best-practice knowledge. It accelerates the identification of problems and suggests corrective actions based on best-practice handbooks and a knowledge repository. By implementing common manufacturability checks with DFMPro for NX, you capture mistakes early in the design process and ensure that past mistakes are not repeated.

Image shows the result from the mold injection DFM Pro manufacturing checks in DFM Pro.

Visual reporting

HD3D Visual Reporting enables you to comprehend and interpret PLM data with interactive navigation and delve into details. Viewing a 3D product model, you can answer questions about project status, design changes, team responsibilities, issues, problems, cost, suppliers and other attributes.

Innovative display and interaction techniques

Use HD3D Visual Reporting to format 3D part, component and assembly models to answer your inquiries, with color-coding, on-screen tagging and legends for fast visual assessment and interpretation. Multiple "see-through" settings give you various methods for removing the complexity of the model and instantly seeing the components of interest. You can access additional details by clicking on interactive tags, which can also open associated documents. You can output report data outside of NX sessions to other formats, including HTML and Excel.

HD3D tool in NX used to validate material of each component of an automotive transmission.

Visual analytics and validation - HD3D Visual Reporting

Answer commonly asked questions with HD3D Visual Reporting, which includes predefined visual reports. A report-building tool accelerates the creation of custom reports. The reports can consist of properties from NX files, custom metadata, Teamcenter attributes and other PLM data. Engineering teams can use the information to understand their designs better and locate issues, while managers can more readily determine the overall state of development projects. You can manage and distribute visual reports to benefit the entire enterprise.

HD3D tool in NX used to validate the parts of  the front landing gear of an airplane.

CAD simulation

Include simulation analysis as a part of the design process to save downstream rework and reduce 'lost' cycles. Simulation helps designers create better, more robust designs earlier in development, drastically improving productivity.

Animations in CAD designs

Leverage a fast and easy motion analysis application for studying the kinematic behavior of designs with NX software. The easy-to-use motion application helps you create kinematic studies early in the design process, reducing the time it takes to create an accurate digital mockup so more time can be spent designing.

When you make products with moving parts you need to see them in action. You need to know kinematic properties such as displacements, velocities, accelerations and even collisions.

Image of 3D heavy machinery assembly with a  translucent motion envelope analysis created in NX Animation Designer.

Design simulation for performance validation

Quickly compare design alternatives and optimize performance characteristics from the earliest stages of the design process using design-integrated motion, structural and thermal simulation tools in NX.

Simulation is no longer just a performance validation tool—it is becoming an organic part of the development process throughout concept and design. Simulation is helping designers create better, more robust designs earlier in the development process, while also speeding the overall time it takes to release a plan—meaning faster time to market.

A heat transfer analysis run at various loads to validate and optimize the performance of the impact screwdriver design.

Molded part validation and injection molding simulation

Assess the moldability of plastic parts with a range of NX tools. Validation and mold flow analysis tools are intended for use by designers in the early stages of product development and are fully integrated with NX design functions.

A molded part

Visualization/virtual reality

An immersive 3D environment provides a range of visualization modes. These modes can be used to display a proper visual twin of your data as it moves along the digital thread, matching your workflow with full associativity. Ensure an optimized balance between speed, quality and performance with NX.


Use a fast and highly interactive visual display to make your interactions and reviews more efficient. It is important to easily interact with your model and quickly identify modeling and assembly features without requirements to set up lighting, materials and environments. A simple and clear visualization is important when using features such as highlighting and product manufacturing information (PMI).

2D design of a bulldozer's right side.

Design review and presentation

Leverage CAD design review
When reviewing designs with colleagues, fast and interactive displays are still important, but visual quality is also essential. NX enables users to communicate materials, simulate lighting and show designs in a realistic environment. With direct NX integration, all visual assets are managed and associated alongside the engineering model. NX enables you to dynamically visualize and inspect a realistic visualization of your models, helping you understand design intent, make better decisions and shorten the design cycle for more innovation.

Enhance presentation
When it comes to high-end visualization, NX includes best-in-class rendering technology. Create high-quality content for multiple use cases with physically based materials, HDRI environments and camera controls. NX enables users to create realistic and photorealistic renders for design reviews, marketing or sales collateral and catalogs. These images can be used anywhere throughout the design process, providing transparency at different stages and speeding up time to market.

A photo-realistic rending of an NX CAD model of an electric tractor in a field.


Take design review participation to the next level of immersion with support for multi-user VR (virtual reality) sessions combined with spatial audio integration. Hosts can collaborate with multiple users across different geographical locations, allowing teams to save time and travel costs while developing a shared understanding of designs and enabling faster iteration cycles.

2 users wearing VR headsets reviewing a 3D bulldozer design.

One-click to VR

Leverage your managed NX engineering data and maintain the digital thread with fully-integrated NX Virtual Reality. NX Virtual Reality is accessible in one-click with no data preparation or time-consuming exports required. This integrated workflow saves you time and effort, enabling your teams to focus on value-added activities.

An engineer wearing VR goggles, working on a design for a bulldozer in front of a computer monitor.

Work at human scale

Make the transition from the traditional 2D world to an immersive 3D experience as seamless as possible with a range of tools and features. Access dynamic controller tooltips for quick and easy guidance while selecting and isolating part properties to truly understand the complexities of a full-scale model. Specialized navigational controls help anyone, irrespective of experience in VR environments, to navigate around a scene with ease, resulting in highly effective design reviews.

3D image of a bulldozer design, with two people standing next to this as though in virtual reality.
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A high-definition NX 3D rendering of a Bosch coffee machine.