Part quality control

Inspection program execution

Execute inspection programs to drive coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) while monitoring and analyzing the inspection results.

Drive inspection machines from model-based programs

Use Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution to drive your quality inspection process:

  • Retrieve and execute Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS) inspection jobs
  • Run jobs on CMMs or measurement-ready CNC machines
  • Store measured data in the industry-standard dimensional markup language (DML)

Leverage easy access to stored measured data for immediate root cause analysis after inspection.

Screenshot of drive inspection machines.

Easily review and analyze inspection results

Perform quick analysis by comparing measured data with specified design tolerances directly at the machine after execution of the inspection program.

Interpret the measured data against ANSI, ASME and ISO industry standards to quickly evaluate how to improve the quality of produced parts.

Screenshot of inspection analysis.