Production line planning

Machining line planning

Simplify high-volume machining of complicated parts with multi-machine production lines.

Digitalize planning of high-volume machining lines

Use a comprehensive digital twin to optimize the process of complete machining lines, consisting of any number of machine tools and transfer line units.

Gain a competitive advantage by reducing the planning time and increasing the throughput of high-volume machining lines for automotive and machinery manufacturing.

Image of part on machine tool with program code displayed in NX Machining Line Planner software.

Optimize operations over multiple setups and machines

Distribute, balance, program and simulate operations over multiple setups and multi-function machines to take advantage of the latest production machining technologies.

Track the in-process state of the workpiece and seamlessly transfer it between milling, drilling and turning operations to enable accurate visualization of the complete machining process.

Image of a machining line setup in NX Machining Line Planner software.

Use integrated CAM for production machine programming

Enable detailed NC programming and machining simulation with integrated CAM software allowing necessary changes to pass easily between programming and line planning.

Ensure collision-free machining on the shop floor with the digital twin of the machine setup, including the in-process workpiece (IPW). Leverage advanced and automated NC programming capabilities to create optimized and safe toolpaths for high-volume machining quickly.

Image of machining toolpath displayed with part and tool in NX Machining Line Planner software.

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