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Opcenter capabilities

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) connects, organizes and aggregates manufacturing data from across your manufacturing enterprise.

Generate insights with powerful data analytics

With enterprise manufacturing intelligence, generate insights from manufacturing operations management (MOM) and enterprise data using powerful data analytics.

Leverage big data from production

Capture the wealth of data generated by machines, equipment, sensors and other sources on your manufacturing floor. Contextualize and combine this data with information from design, engineering and business systems. By capturing, aggregating and contextualizing raw production data, your manufacturing intelligence system transforms big data into smart data.

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Gain transparency into production performance

Employ smart data to spot trends that reveal what is actually happening during production and quality processes. Enterprise manufacturing intelligence uses data analytics to identify and analyze key process parameters affecting quality and/or productivity, including factors that may have previously represented hidden production costs or quality detriments.

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Apply manufacturing insights for continuous improvement

Identify process defects, material and process failures, operational bottlenecks and other issues. Use insights from your manufacturing intelligence system to make better decisions. EMI software offers advanced search capabilities to quickly and efficiently grasp context, enable traceability of manufacturing and quality processes, and create audit logs to identify responsible persons and improvement activities.

Two employees working on enterprise manufacturing intelligence

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