Opcenter Intelligence On-Premises

Opcenter Intelligence On-Premises centrally manages your enterprise manufacturing intelligence capabilities, leading to actionable manufacturing insights.

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factory manager utilizing Opcenter Intelligence for on-site manufacturing data analysis

Unify manufacturing data to improve performance

Opcenter Intelligence On-Premises delivers complete ownership and control through on-premises manufacturing intelligence.

Change big data and fast data to smart data
Give your users a complete operations perspective regardless of data origination. Our on-premises production intelligence system lets you merge plant data from legacy and manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems into a single source of truth. Integrate the MOM ecosystem, third-party data and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform information, transforming heterogeneous product-oriented information into manufacturing data and insights.

Improve on-site production visibility
Provide timely access to both historical and near-real time information using the interactive tools of on-premises manufacturing intelligence. On-site manufacturing data analytics let you spot trends and data relationships, such as work-in-progress (WIP) inventory, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), or nonconformance levels and trends. Opcenter Intelligence On-Premises provides visibility at operations and enterprise levels in a scalable solution.

Enhance operational reporting
Use flexible reporting tools to present data to the right people with the appropriate visualization for different use cases. Share analyses across users and groups and configure an automatic email report. Opcenter Intelligence On-Premises enables you to create reports that focus on operational details and reflect current activity.

Maximize flexibility and adaptability
Our on-premises manufacturing intelligence solution’s flexible engineering can centrally manage your production intelligence capabilities, helping adapt to new business requirements. No IT skills are required to tailor Opcenter Intelligence On-Premises to your current needs.

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