Represent rich product data explicitly and via references with PLM XML, a lightweight, flexible mechanism for transporting product data.

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Improve collaboration efficiency throughout the product lifecycle by supporting workflows requiring application integration, interoperability and data sharing. A lightweight, flexible mechanism for transporting high-content product data, PLM XML represents a variety of product data both explicitly and via references. PLM XML schemas are the basis of a rich interoperability pipeline connecting Siemens Digital Industries Software products and third-party adopter applications. PLM XML is complementary to existing and emerging XML-based standards.

PLM XML Software Development Kit (SDK)

Transport rich product information with the PLM XML SDK.

PLM XML is a published schema for PLM data represented in Siemens Digital Industries Software applications. The SDK allows developers to work with XML data created by products such as Teamcenter. PLM XML SDK supports an adapter based approach to converting data from any source into XML representations.

PLM XML Schema

Facilitate product lifecycle interoperability using XML. PLM XML Schema is open, published and compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML schema recommendation.

Download the PLM XML 7.1.0 Schema

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