Simcenter X

Access Simcenter on the cloud. Set up, run and analyze simulations through a web browser without constraints and pay only for what you use.

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Why Simcenter X?

End-to-end engineering simulation in the cloud, accessible through a web browser, offers organizations and users unprecedented flexibility to meet and exceed their engineering goals. No longer limited by hardware or software licensing availability, Simcenter X cloud simulation software gives you immediate access to the resources you need, where and when you need them.

Access Simcenter on any device, anywhere
Simcenter X is a new way to access simulation, starting with Simcenter STAR-CCM+. A remote desktop environment gives you instant browser-based access to a preconfigured cloud workstation with unlimited software licenses for simulation setup and analysis. If you need more power to run the simulation, you can easily scale up with the cloud high-performance computing (HPC) platform and run jobs on hundreds or thousands of cores in just two clicks.

Pay only for what you use with cloud simulation
Use Simcenter X instead of owning and managing hardware on-premise, or easily access additional capacity during busy periods. How you use it is up to you, a single pay-as-you-go price/hour combining software and hardware ensures no resources go to waste. Make hardware and HPC an operating expense (OPEX) and be more agile as your workload varies.

Leverage the latest hardware and software
With the effectively unlimited capacity of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure behind it, Simcenter X gives you the freedom to scale up your simulations to model more complexity and go faster. Scale out to explore more possibilities simultaneously. Be confident that your simulations are running on optimized hardware that is preconfigured and managed by Siemens.

Secure, private and always available
Simcenter X is designed and architected to provide a robust and dependable HPC service for simulation users. Privacy, security and availability of the service are top priorities for Siemens’ customers: Simcenter X incorporates the combined knowledge and best practices developed by Siemens and AWS. Simcenter X cloud simulation software follows industry standards on privacy and security and holds a range of certifications. For more information, read the Siemens and AWS joint whitepaper on architecture and security.

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Simcenter X capabilities

Simcenter X cloud simulation software gives you instant access to a high-specification cloud workstation for interactive use of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for simulation setup, analysis or even for executing smaller simulations.

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An engineer using Simcenter X cloud simulation software to access Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for post-processing of a CFD simulation through a web browser.

Simcenter X cloud simulation software gives you instant access to an on-demand HPC cluster in the cloud with unlimited capacity. Use it to scale up models and go faster, model more complexity and scale out to explore multiple designs at the same time.

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A team using Simcenter X cloud simulation software to run a CFD simulation on a cloud HPC cluster and monitor progress.