Autonomy solutions

Autonomy is a clear direction for our transportation systems, be it mass or personal transit. Physically and virtually evaluating these new vehicles in a live environment ensures rigorous and detailed feedback, giving engineers greater confidence in their design decisions.

Model the complexity

Simcenter autonomy solutions

Smoother and productive journeys are the future of mobility. New trends point to vehicles with increased levels of driver assistance systems, eventually level 5 and then total autonomy. The variables to achieve this extend far beyond the vehicle, encompassing the surrounding environment. Testing designs in a mixed physical and simulated environment ensures confidence in product development before deployment.

An engineer using Siemens software on a screen.
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Smart and efficient ADAS testing workflow

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control or highway pilots are a standard feature in new vehicles. To increase driver safety, car manufacturers worldwide are developing and validating such systems for next-generation vehicles as a competitive edge. Discover the ADAS data collection tools that enable the collection and indexing of the jungle of data required.

Car using the Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).