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A woman using Simcenter 3D electromagnetics simulation on a desktop computer with two screens.


Electromagnetics simulation

Get low and high-frequency electromagnetic simulation capabilities for the unique demands of each domain and discover insights into the performance of electromechanical components.

Model the complexity, accurately

Simcenter electromagnetics simulation

Electromagnetic simulation helps you to improve efficiency, ensure compatibility and guarantee performance in a complex and noisy electromagnetic environment.

A range of dedicated solvers (time and frequency based, linear and nonlinear, finite and boundary element) offer a transformative CAE process, with simulations ranging from a fast, initial analysis to inherent realism for final verification.

Two engineers looking at PCB model in PCB assembly factory.

Electromagnetics simulation capabilities

Low-frequency electromagnetics

Simcenter low-frequency electromagnetic simulations allow for a variety of energy conversion devices to be simulated, including e-motors, generators, transformers, actuators and more. The solutions allow engineers to optimize energy conversion with low loss (high efficiency) and high throughput, while considering material non-linearities, hysteresis, thermal effects and moving components. Static, harmonic and transient solvers are supported.

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Simcenter low-frequency electromagnetic simulations screenshot.

High-frequency electromagnetics

Simcenter high-frequency electromagnetics solutions support electromagnetic analyses applied in the context of wave propagation with applications toward antennas, ADAS radar, electrified powertrains, sensor placement and more. In many cases, electromagnetic waves are used in context of data communication. Frequently, such waves can be unwanted, and they can give rise to compatibility problems addressed through electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) analyses. Both full wave and asymptotic solvers are supported.

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CFD simulation of antennas, ADAS radar, electrified powertrains, and sensor placement.

E-motor and e-generator design

Electric motor and generator design is increasingly important for both performance and sustainability. Simcenter provides multi-disciplinary solutions for validating e-machine designs from early concept through systems integration, as well as detailed performance engineering, including models for validation of control strategies. Both electromagnetic and thermal aspects of electric motors can be simulated.

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E-machine-design simulation realized through Simcenter.