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Physical testing

Enhance testing processes and boost productivity and product innovation with Simcenter Physical Testing. Our solutions integrate multi-physics data acquisition hardware with a complete suite of data management, analytics, and modeling software, covering a wide range of test needs.

Simcenter physical testing

Test faster, smarter and earlier in development

  • Deliver accurate digital twins for fast performance validation by relying on multiphysics testing
  • Frontload test to get critical insight earlier and validate design alternatives before prototypes are built
  • Test faster to streamline testing campaigns going seamlessly from instrumentation to final reporting
  • Test smarter to integrate testing in the validation workflow and enable collaboration between teams
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Explore physical testing products

Enhance testing processes and boost productivity and product innovation with these solutions for acquiring and processing data from physical tests.

Simcenter physical testing capabilities

Acoustic testing

Covering the broadest range of industry applications and engineering tasks while conforming to the latest international standards, our acoustic testing solutions adjust to your project’s requirements. Design innovative products with a compelling acoustic signature, relying on the expertise nested in Simcenter Testlab.

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Data acquisition systems

There is a lot of hardware involved when testing and measuring. No matter where your hardware comes from, your requirements are always similar: you expect it to be easy to setup, robust, flexible, precise and reliable. Streamline your purchase, testing and maintenance processes by selecting hardware from a partner that supplies end-to-end solutions for your multiphysics testing requirements, from sensors and exciters to comprehensive data acquisition, analysis and reporting solutions.

Our extensive range of miniature shakers and sound sources, third-party transducers and sensors, data acquisition hardware, and sound source localization solutions are designed to help you set up and carry out tests faster and more efficiently than before.

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A range of data acquisition system hardware.

Durability testing

Rely on our end-to-end durability testing solution to streamline your entire testing process. Simcenter uniquely integrates rugged and reliable data acquisition hardware with comprehensive processing and analysis software features. Our solution covers every step of a typical test campaign, from channel setup and measurements to validation, consolidation, analysis and reporting.

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Simcenter durability testing

Materials testing

A sound understanding of the advanced materials used in innovative products is essential for fast and responsive product development. Our materials testing solutions accurately characterize the mechanical and acoustic properties of new and innovative materials and components. This feeds simulation models, allows comparing between different materials, or helps to improve existing products.

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Engineer performing materials testing using a tool.

Model-based system testing

Accelerate systems engineering by integrating test and simulation tools. Maximize consistency of tools and methods used throughout the entire development cycle. By integrating test and simulation in a single environment for validation of product performance, testing costs and risks can be reduced, productivity increased and extra system insight gained. Model-based system testing maximizes the consistency of used tools and methods while providing a highly agile mechatronic system engineering environment. It also enables attribute-specific evaluation using virtual models, combined virtual-physical models and physical prototypes.

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A man at a computer using Simcenter system testing software.

NVH testing

Efficiently assess the acoustic signature of products, in real operating conditions and in the shortest delays. Our intuitive and scalable operational noise vibration and harshness (NVH) testing solution helps you perform fast and reliable measurements, from troubleshooting activities to multiphysics test campaigns. Make NVH assessment more cost-effective by combining a scalable acquisition hardware with state-of-the-art processing and analysis software.

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Safety testing

Safety matters throughout the product lifecycle, from input to design, production to quality assurance, and finally your customer's assembly floors and shop shelves. In our safety testing services at Helmond, The Netherlands, are EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited (Registration no. L547) and designated for certification by RDW (E4) and KBA (E1) accredited test center, we offer a wide range of safety components and systems tests: from helmets to complete restraint systems. Along with development testing, we offer the final and independent verification of your product’s compliance against worldwide standards.

In addition to testing specific safety components, we offer testing for overall vehicle safety. With over 30 years of experience, we provide simulation software and complementary knowledge and tools for developing, engineering, testing and validating various passive and active safety systems. Our test facilities are fully equipped to perform a whole range of tests for automotive applications, both indoor and outdoor.

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A vehicle going through safety testing.

Quality testing

Perform robust and reliable quality testing during manufacturing. Simcenter Anovis combines all necessary sensors, accurate sound and vibration signal recording hardware, smart signal analysis, and flexible test bench control software to precisely perform pass or fail checks and to deliver a formal proof that the part meets its specifications or that the machine operates safely.

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Rotating machinery testing

Our rotating machinery testing solutions allow NVH engineers to optimize the performance of rotating machinery, by acquiring and analyzing the impact of speed, torque and control strategies on sound quality, (torsional) vibrations and energy efficiency. In the lab and in the field, our multi-disciplinary testing system saves time, increases data reliability and maximizes insights into the machinery’s behavior.

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A motorcycle being tested in a wind tunnel.

Shock and vibration testing

Select a comprehensive solution for shock and vibration testing that ranges from routine vibration qualification tools to an effective, high-speed multi-channel closed-loop shaker control systems with parallel data acquisition and powerful analysis capabilities.

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Engineering using a computer with multiple screens in a test center.

Structural dynamics testing

Benefit from a tradition of cutting-edge engineering expertise and maximize your testing efficiency when performing impact testing on small structures, running large-scale campaigns with hundreds of measurement channels, or validating 3D finite element models with experimental data. Understand how a component or product assembly reacts under load with digital image correlation (DIC) technology. Measure full-field 3D displacement, strain and acceleration everywhere at once, under any load, with only a pair of cameras for faster and more responsive development cycles.

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An engineer is performing structural dynamics testing on a component.

Thermal testing

The family of thermal characterization hardware solutions provides component and systems suppliers with the ability to accurately and efficiently test, measure and thermally characterize semiconductor integrated circuit packages, single and arrayed LEDs, stacked and multi-die packages, power electronics modules, thermal interface material (TIM) properties and complete electronic systems.

Our hardware solutions directly measure the actual heating or cooling curves of packaged semiconductor devices, continuously and in real time, rather than artificially composing it from the results of several individual tests. Measuring the true thermal transient response in this way is far more efficient and accurate, leading to more accurate thermal metrics than steady-state methods. Measurements only need to be performed once per sample, rather than repeated with an average taken as with steady-state methods.

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A visual of the Simcenter Micred Powertester hardware.

Transfer path analysis

Quantify the various sources and their paths and figure out which ones are important and which ones cancel each other out. Perform transfer path analysis (TPA) to identify and assess structure-borne and airborne energy transfer routes, from the excitation source to a given receiver location. TPA quantifies the various sources and their paths and figures out which ones contribute the most to the noise issues and which ones cancel each other out. From the quantified and modeled sources and paths, it becomes a relatively straightforward design task to optimize vibro-acoustic and the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance of the system.

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A visual of Simcenter Testlab software performing Transfer Path Analysis (TPA).

Scalable test data management and analytics

The amount of data that is produced in a testing department is enormous. Converting, visualizing and analyzing test data results are time-consuming tasks and often require specific application knowledge. Simcenter Testlab applications are the perfect tools to streamline data acquisition, analytics and reporting.

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