A couple of engineers using Simcenter software for load and fatigue testing.


Load and fatigue analysis

Streamline the delivery of critical durability insights.

End-to-end solution for data collection & analytics

Vehicle manufacturers market an exponential number of vehicle variants in response to the global trend of mass customization. These variants have to be based on lightweight designs in order to minimize fuel consumption. They also need to meet consumers’ expectations for quality, reliability and minimizing maintenance costs while considering long-term use and high mileage.

On a global scale, consumers have different driving habits, potentially driving on rougher roads or in extreme loading conditions. Durability testing teams, which struggle with the increased workload and shorter timelines to successfully fulfill test-based engineering campaigns. To tackle the challenges of durability testing and validation, they need to streamline their processes, accelerating the delivery of critical insights with every step of the test campaign, from road-load data collection to insightful analysis.

We provide an integrated end-to-end solution for load-data collection and analytics. It encompasses every step of a typical durability test campaign, from channel setup and measurements to validation, consolidation, analysis and reporting. The latest software release sets higher standards for analytics, accelerating the delivery of critical durability insights.

Simcenter Testlab Neo for durability testing

Learn more about the durability testing functionalities in Simcenter Testlab Neo.

Case study


Simcenter portfolio from Siemens Digital Industries Software enables simulation and testing success.

Daimler successfully standardizes global durability process
Case Study

Daimler successfully standardizes global durability process


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