A motorcycle being tested in a wind tunnel.


Rotating machinery testing

Our rotating machinery testing solutions allow noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) engineers to optimize the performance of rotating machinery, by acquiring and analyzing a number of factors.

Tune your powertrain design to meet all requirements

Optimized performance and energy efficiency are essential criteria for driving the development of traditional combustion engines and new hybrid-electric powertrains. However, consumers expect these criteria to come along with high reliability and low noise levels. Additionally, manufacturers strive to design a pleasant product sound that reflects a company’s brand image. Tuning a powertrain to meet all requirements is a complex balancing act.

Our rotating machinery testing solutions allow NVH engineers to optimize the performance of rotating machinery, by acquiring and analyzing the impact of speed, torque and control strategies on sound quality, (torsional) vibrations and energy efficiency. In the lab and in the field, our multi-disciplinary testing system saves time, increases data reliability and maximizes insights into the machinery’s behavior.

Next-generation powertrain testing to accelerate the development of green drivelines

Advance powertrain testing and simulation to predict powertrain NVH performance.

Rotating machinery testing capabilities

(H)EV powertrain testing

Vehicle manufacturers design vehicle hybridization (HEV) and electrification (EV) to achieve lower pollutant emission and fuel consumption targets. At the same time (H)EV should offer outstanding engine performance and vehicle comfort. Our testing solutions are employed for the engineering of (hybrid) electric powertrain with the purpose of gear whine reduction, powertrain integration, and pulse width modulation (PWM) control strategy optimization. They also help understand continuously variable transmission (CVT), ICE-engine and electric motor interaction.

A vehicle is going through testing.

Combustion engine testing

Our internal combustion engine testing solutions simultaneously acquire all engine parameters required for efficient balancing of NVH and performance. The combined analysis of sound quality, torsional vibration, angle domain, combustion, and controller information saves time, increases data reliability, and maximizes insight even early in the development process.

A couple of engineers performing combustion engine testing.

Operational data collection

Delivering high-quality products requires to-the-point target setting, competitive benchmarking and physical prototype validation. With our Simcenter testing solutions, easily collect in-field and laboratory operational data for full vehicle and powertrain NVH development.

A man driving the car with a Simcenter testing device.

Signature testing

Harmonic analysis is at the core of rotating machinery vibration and sound testing. Our state-of-the-art signature testing solutions include fixed sampling and synchronous order tracking to derive waterfall, order cuts, and engine maps from rpm and torque measurements in any operating condition. They make fully automated or highly interactive comparison of design variants easier than ever.

A visual of the Simcenter Testlab software.

Torsional vibration testing

Torsional vibrations in power transmission systems induce noise and vibration disturbances that negatively impact comfort and may cause system failures. Our testing solutions help you visualize torsional vibrations and conduct high-precision rotational speed measurements on a wide range of angle and speed sensors, and analyze orders, narrowband waterfalls and transmission errors.

Torsional vibration testing on a boat.
Case study

GEA Grasso

GEA Grasso reduced compressor testing time and cut the number of testing systems from 3 to 1 with the help of Simcenter solutions.

Mechanical component built by GEA Grasso, a company that uses Simcenter.
Case Study

Use of Simcenter enables manufacturer to significantly reduce compressor testing time

Company:GEA Grasso

Industry:Industrial machinery

Location:’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Testing Solutions