Software design management

Synchronize, orchestrate and align your software and hardware product development lifecycles to deliver high-quality cyber-physical products.

Understand hardware and software relationships

Don't migrate, duplicate or even aggregate data. Manage dependencies across the entire lifecycle, including requirements, change and configuration management.

Implement software design management with Teamcenter

Manage, find, share and re-use data across design centers from a single, secure source. With deep integrations to electrical, electronic, mechanical, software and simulation tools, you can deliver a multi-domain BOM and complete the digital twin. Understand complex relationships and dependencies among components across all possible configurations of the product, even as it changes.

Illustration of computer with various icons - representing software design management.

Apply Polarion ALM and Teamcenter: ALM-PLM integration

Take advantage of the interoperability of Teamcenter and Polarion. Together, they enable an integrated ALM-PLM solution that merges the advanced software application development capabilities of Polarion® ALM™ with the leading product lifecycle management capabilities of Teamcenter.

Image for  Polarion ALM and Teamcenter:  ALM-PLM integration

Establish and navigate requirements across domains

Use cross-domain requirements traceability – enabled by the Polarian-Teamcenter integration – to get a clearer definition of how software is related to specific product functions. Then, derive software requirements from product requirements and validate that the complete product fulfills all requirements.

Illustration of a smartphone listing check-marked requirements showcasing clearly establishing and navigating requirements across domains

Improve cross-discipline visibility of change impact

Enable your development teams to assess the cross-domain impact of product changes quickly. Allow them to initiate, monitor and control the change processes within Teamcenter or Polarion with full traceability. Reduce errors and warranty costs by identifying and tracking specific changes in hardware and software.

Image for improve cross-discipline visibility of change impact

Access product and software data and processes

Collaborate more effectively, reduce time waste and avoid errors by accurately linking firmware with hardware. With accountability and traceability, improve audit readiness, and support maintenance and repair processes by enabling companies to locate parts and manage defect fixes quickly.

Image for access product software data and processes

Closed-loop embedded system & software BOM management

Manage software binaries and incorporate them into the product bill of material (BOM). Link associated software artifacts with electronic control units (ECUs) and manage all hardware and software dependencies.

Image for closed loop embedded system software BOM management

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Groupe SEB

Optimizing development process with simulation
Case Study

Optimizing development process with simulation

Company:Groupe SEB

Industry:Consumer products & retail

Location:Écully, France

Siemens Software:NX, Polarion, Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Amesim, Simcenter FLOEFD, Solid Edge, Teamcenter

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