Plant Simulation Runtime

Run and visualize simulations in 3D, set parameters and execute experiments using models created with Plant Simulation software to optimize production systems.

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Simulation experiments dialog in Plant Simulation Runtime software 3D factory simulation model.

Why Plant Simulation Runtime?

Simulate, visualize, analyze and optimize production systems and logistics processes based on models created using Plant Simulation software authoring tools.

Execute simulations to validate and optimize production and logistics
Optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of plant planning, from global facilities and local plants to specific production lines.

Input production data to further increase the confidence in your models
Feed actual shop floor data to your production model and easily run experiments by adjusting simulation model parameters to validate and optimize production throughput and overall system performance.

Leverage an open system architecture
Support multiple interfaces and integration capacities—including ActiveX, CAD, Oracle SQL, ODBC, XML, Socket, OPC, etc.—to further enhance your simulation models and experiments.

Access key features

  • Generate graphical outputs for analysis of throughput, resource utilization, automatic bottleneck detection, Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts
  • Calculate and optimize energy usage for factories, lines and machines
  • Visualize and animate online in 3D based on the ISO-standard JT format
  • Experiment using integrated neural networks and automated system optimization via genetic algorithms
The accurate results of Plant Simulation eliminate the need for large buffers, saving approximately $2,000,000 by having one conveyor and one high-bay warehouse for 5,000 refrigerators.
Bernd Ebert, Director of Global Mfg. Eng. - Food Preparation, Electrolux

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