Photorealistic image rendering of a virtual automobile body assembly line created using Siemens and NVIDIA software technology.

Tecnomatix software

Advanced manufacturing visualization

Blur the lines between the digital and real worlds to bring advanced manufacturing systems to life in the industrial metaverse, well before their production readiness.

Navigate more realistic manufacturing models

Use artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology to better align your digital and real world systems and to deliver more meaningful instructions to the shop floor.

Load manufacturing system engineering studies into virtual reality (VR) environments to conduct design and process reviews, perform analysis and collaborate while immersed using VR hardware—any time from anywhere in the world.

A male manufacturing executive in a black coat using a virtual reality headset in the factory.

Integrate point clouds for greater clarity

Leverage point cloud scan data to easily compare virtual manufacturing system and assembly line layout models with their physical manufacturing system and assembly line counterparts.

Use digital point clouds scanned from existing brownfield factory environments, such as those created with Bentley Systems technology, to create new factory items or to directly modify factory models after on-site changes.

Point cloud 3D scan data integrated with Process Simulate software 3D simulation model.

Operate in the industrial metaverse

Siemens and NVIDIA are advancing the adoption and the development of industrial digital twins within the industrial metaverse.

When we started on this digital manufacturing journey many years ago, we did not have all the necessary solutions to deliver full digital twins. Today, we do.

Learn how you can start the journey to develop your comprehensive digital twin.