Male engineer wearing safety glasses examining the quality of a sheet metal part during manufacturing.

Tecnomatix software

Model-based quality

Integrate quality parameters during product design, manufacturing planning and production to ensure dimensional and build quality, and to help eliminate costly manufacturing quality issues on the factory floor.

Improve dimensional quality during planning

Integrate dimensional quality parameters as part of product design and the manufacturing planning process to avoid costly product quality issues:

  • Ensure product quality in production by understanding the impact of dimensional variation before design release
  • Analyze the impact of manufacturing processes on design features and tolerances, highlighting sources and amounts of dimensional variation to improve manufacturing quality and eliminate costs
Image of dimensional quality analysis using Tecnomatix Variation Analysis software.

Define tolerances with product manufacturing information (PMI)

Leverage the semantic representation of product manufacturing information (PMI) in support of model-based quality engineering to automate feature and tolerance definition and drive better dimensional quality.

Extract and validate PMI from various authoring sources via the industry standard JT™ data format. This provides feature-based capabilities using tolerances based on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) methods and standards, and downstream computation, augmentation and consumption for all dimensional quality analysis and inspection requirements.

Image of product manufacturing information being applied to a design using Tecnomatix Variation Analysis software.

Improve quality with variation simulation and visualization

Simulate manufacturing and assembly processes using dimensional analysis to predict and quantify the amounts and causes of variation in a robust 3D environment.

The software leverages Monte Carlo simulation and a conjoin assembly constraint engine for static and kinematic assembly operations within the full range of allowable constraints. Integrate with finite element analysis solvers for comprehension of component flexibility due to clamping, welding and springback.

Image of electronic device dimensional quality analysis using Tecnomatix variation analysis software.

Perform comprehensive root cause analysis

Manufacturing costs can be reduced by maximizing allowable part tolerances while still controlling critical assembly dimensional specifications. Control these dimensional characteristics to minimize scrap, rework and warranty defects. Identify critical dimensional, tolerance and assembly processes that are key contributors to variation.

By adding manufacturing capability data into variation analysis you can perform real-time root cause analysis of production build problems, helping you improve quality by ensuring that parts fit together properly the first time.

Image of root cause analysis using Tecnomatix Variation Analysis software.

Improve build quality during production

Capture and ensure build quality with real-time collection, storage, management, reporting and analysis of measured product quality data to fix errors faster:

  • Solve build quality issues more effectively and meet product quality targets with efficient quality assurance and analysis solutions
  • Optimize inspection equipment throughput and automate manual processes for data collection, translation, analysis and reporting
  • Consolidate the latest inspection results for a consistent view of manufacturing quality to help solve problems
Image of build quality analysis using Tecnomatix Variation Analysis software.

Automate enterprise-wide quality data reporting

Automate report publishing to easily populate preconfigured report templates with collected quality measurements. Produce historical summary reports to consolidate extremely large amounts of measurement data, enabling decision makers to quickly review this information and use it to make metrics-based design and manufacturing decisions.

Compare processes or factories, understand process stability and summarize your company’s manufacturing performance over any time period.

Image of production quality reporting using Tecnomatix Dimensional Planning and Validation software.

Integrate dimensional measurement into planning

Plan the process to manage, update and capture as-designed measurement points and measurement plans in a manufacturing database. Decision makers can access this data at any time and from anywhere for selected information retrieval.

Define your measurement process coordinated with product design, manufacturing planning and factory layout to ensure that dimensional measurement is integrated into your build quality planning process well in advance of production launch and execution.

Image of production quality planning using Tecnomatix Dimensional Planning and Validation software.

Monitor production for quality data collection

Monitor and capture measurement data from any device during production and load it into Teamcenter software using automated tools to proactively identify quality trends.

Leverage support for all formats and post-processing needs. Consolidate the quality data collection from all measurement devices in your factories into a single system for better understanding of build quality.

Image of production analysis using Tecnomatix Dimensional Planning and Validation software.

Perform statistical quality data analysis

Combine sophisticated statistical techniques with 3D geometry capabilities to rapidly identify the root causes to build quality issues found in production.

Close the loop between design and production to go beyond the limitations of fragmented quality solutions. Connect and integrate build quality knowledge directly into your mainstream product design and manufacturing processes.

Image of production quality root cause analysis using Tecnomatix Dimensional Planning and Validation software.
Case study

Chery Automobile

Chery Automobile uses Teamcenter and Tecnomatix software to increase efficiency and improve quality in research and development.

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Case Study

Siemens Digital Industries Software supports leading Chinese automotive manufacturer in internationalization

Company:Chery Automobile

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Wuhu, Anhui Province, China

Siemens Software:NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix