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The final assembly line in an automobile factory.

Tecnomatix software

Factory and line design

Quickly design, visualize, simulate and optimize complete production layouts with less risk and at lower cost, and easily associate them to manufacturing plans using a single system.

Design better factories and lines faster

Enable accurate impact analysis and efficient change management for factory layouts, line layouts and equipment designs directly linked to manufacturing process plans.

Create required fixtures, tools and equipment using a classified library of parametric resources integrated with manufacturing planning and factory design to achieve a better production layout faster.

Fully detailed 3D factory workcell design in NX Line Designer software.

Validate and optimize factory line designs

Use simulation software directly within the line planning environment to fully validate and optimize your factory designs and production layouts.

Simulate operations including robots, tools, material handling equipment and people at the detailed station level, line level or factory level to optimize automation and equipment locations, ergonomic requirements, material delivery strategies and production rates.

Simulation of robots, tools, material handling equipment and people in a factory.

Commission factory production lines virtually

Use hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) and software-in-the-loop (SiL) simulation technology to virtually commission assembly lines and equipment during installation and prior to the start of production.

Test control logic and the interfaces between mechanical and electrical engineering using the real control system and digital twin to validate the operation of material handling systems and production layouts virtually.

Virtual commissioning of an automobile door assembly line using Siemens 3D simulation model and PLC programming software.

Navigate factories anywhere at anytime

Access cloud-based digital twins of your production facilities presented in their geographical context. Navigate the facility in a simple and familiar way with intuitive access to information from any IT system.

Facilitate a virtual tour of your factories using rich visualization tools and techniques with the ability to get relevant information and alternate viewpoints by simply clicking on visual tags.

Panoramic image of 3D model in Intosite factory navigation software on a computer screen.
Case study

Ford Motor Company

Automaker shows how streamlined assembly line design helps to connect disparate systems and drive cost efficiency in manufacturing.

Case study

Ford automates factory layout design

Company: Ford Motor Company

Industry: Automotive and transportation

Location: United Kingdom

Siemens Software: NX Line Designer, Teamcenter Manufacturing

Ford Motor Company EPRIME project results showing NX Line Designer software.