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Durability and fatigue analysis

Simcenter durability simulation software gives you access to state-of-the art fatigue analysis methods that enable you to perform analyses quickly and accurately.

Design fail-safe components

One of the most challenging tasks for durability engineers is designing fail-safe components and systems in the most efficient manner. System parts with insufficient fatigue strength may cause permanent structural damage and potentially life-threatening situations. Mistakes can cause product recalls which negatively influence not only the product but the overall brand image. Shorter development cycles and ever-increasing quality requirements have stretched test-based durability approaches to the limits. Evaluating and refining the durability performance by simulating using durability software methods is the only valid alternative.  

Simcenter gives you access to state-of-the art fatigue analysis methods that enable you to perform fatigue-life prediction analyses quickly and accurately accounting for realistic loading conditions.

Predicting fatigue performance of additive manufactured parts

Simcenter 3D is a unique fatigue solver that considers AM process-induced local properties in part-scale durability analysis.

Durability and fatigue analysis capabilities

Fatigue strength analysis

Based on over 30 years of experience, the Simcenter durability solution efficiently simulates any fatigue mechanism from low-cycle fatigue to high-cycle fatigue. It enables you to reduce fatigue analysis time by creating quick and accurate fatigue life predictions based on realistic loading conditions. Simcenter utilizes parallel processing to provide the quickest and most accurate results.

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Weld fatigue

Hundreds of spot welds and long-running seam welds can be aspects of sheet structure used in vehicle body and suspension systems, and are critical areas where fatigue-based failure can occur. Simcenter helps you confidently simulate durability performance of large flexible welded systems or complex sub-systems. For example, Simcenter automates seam-weld durability assessment sparing you the tedious task of adapting the finite element (FE) mesh according to seam-weld meshing guidelines. Spot welds fatigue simulation uses the Rupp/LBF approach, CDH and a special JSAE (Japanese Society of Aerospace Engineers) model as well as a stress-based approach using detailed modeling.

The durability performance results from the Simcenter software.

Composite fatigue

By combining the strength of the Simcenter finite element-based solving capabilities for composites with a new durability solver approach, you can correctly analyze the influence of progressive damage. It can incorporate stiffness reduction and stress redistribution during the fatigue life of composites under complex load situations. Simcenter empowers you to develop a damage-tolerant, lightweight design that can perform well under multiple loads with variable amplitudes. This approach is proven for short and endless fiber reinforced plastics as well as for adhesive structures.

Computer image of a machine part with composite fatigue stress points colorized.
Case study


Simcenter solutions help Fiat verify and validate durability and fatigue virtually.

Auto manufacturer uses Simcenter 3D and Simcenter Tecware to verify and validate durability virtually
Case Study

Auto manufacturer uses Simcenter 3D and Simcenter Tecware to verify and validate durability virtually


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