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A desktop computer showing some sort of computer-animated design.

CAD-integrated simulation

Use one common architecture for seamless scalability from designer simulation to analyst computer aided engineering (CAE.) Boost performance and reduce development time with NX simulation-driven design.

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Experience the advantages of performing design simulation yourself in the CAD environment with the Design Simulation trial.

Graphic of a part in NX, with a thermal analysis showing mostly blue, green, and yellow.

Built-in NX CAD simulation tools

With NX CAD, you no longer have to use disparate applications and software tools for simulation in product design and validation. You can perform analysis and CAE early in the design process with built-in CAD-integrated simulation capabilities.

Scalable simulation for designers

With the ability to accelerate the design exploration and optimization process by up to 90%, NX Performance Predictor enables NX designers to explore possible options faster than traditional tools and processes. NX Performance Predictor enables simulation-driven design earlier in the design cycle. Designers can conduct simple simulations, freeing up simulation engineers for more complex simulations. Your analysis is also linked with Simcenter 3D, meaning you can conduct an in-depth simulation of your part for validation, ready for manufacturing.

NX Performance Predictor enables you to simulate parts you create in real time while exploring different design and material choices. It enables designers to make the best decisions, while also enabling you to explore more concepts without prototypes and physical testing.

NX Performance Predictor module open in NX CAD, showing a

Design simulation for performance validation

Quickly compare design alternatives and optimize performance characteristics from the earliest stages of the design process using design-integrated motion, structural and thermal simulation tools in NX.

Simulation is no longer just a performance validation tool—it is becoming an organic part of the development process throughout concept and design. Simulation is helping designers create better, more robust designs earlier in the development process, while also speeding the overall time it takes to release a plan—meaning faster time to market.

A heat transfer analysis run at various loads to validate and optimize the performance of the impact screwdriver design.

Topology optimization

Automate the improvement of structural designs while meeting all performance, material and manufacturing requirements with NX Topology Optimizer. Generate designs at the conceptual design stage that are optimized for strength, material and more.

NX Topology Optimizer provides the ability to add various design and manufacturing constraints to control the results of the optimization, such as design symmetry, offset, shelling, blending, additive over-hang angles, additive self-supporting and additive material spreading, molding, casting, machining and extrusion.

Advanced topology optimization can also be performed by transferring to Simcenter 3D.

A gearbox mount in NX CAD with a NX Topology Optimizer window open

Animations in designs

Leverage a fast and easy motion analysis application for studying the kinematic behavior of designs with NX software. The easy-to-use motion application helps you create kinematic studies early in the design process. These studies reduce the time it takes to create an accurate digital mockup, so more time can be spent designing.

When you make products with moving parts, you need to see them in action. You need to know kinematic properties such as displacements, velocities, accelerations and even collisions.

Image of 3D heavy machinery assembly with a  translucent motion envelope analysis created in NX Animation Designer.

Motion analysis

Investigate assembly performance early in development by quickly converting a CAD assembly to a functional motion model. NX Motion allows you to gain insight into product performance by animating, graphing and comparing reactions, velocities and accelerations.

With NX Motion, you can perform motion analysis such as kinematics analysis, interference checking, articulation, dynamics analysis and contact analysis. You can also perform structural analysis through direct load transfer to NX Design Simulation.

Motion analysis being done on a wing design in NX CAD

Molded part validation & injection molding simulation

Assess the moldability of plastic parts with a range of NX tools. Validation and mold flow analysis tools are intended for use by designers in the early stages of product development and are fully integrated with NX design functions.

A molded part

CFD analysis

Prepare and evaluate CFD fluid flow and heat transfer simulations with Simcenter FLOEFD, a fully-featured 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis solution. With the integration of Simcenter FLOEFD into NX, you can perform analysis and run "what-if" simulations with easy-to-use wizards that identify optimum design early on in the design process.

Fluid flow simulation in a piston valve with Simcenter FLOEFD for NX
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Computer program dashboard showing a heatmap of a machine part
Case Study

Automating simulation processes to streamline automotive design workflows


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