An operator cleaning powder from an additive manufacturing printer.

Additive manufacturing machine connectivity

Maximize the return on your 3D printing investment with direct printing to the widest range of additive manufacturing hardware on the market.

Direct printing to hardware without data translation

Regardless of whether you are printing plastic or metal, fixed-plane or multi-axis, on a desktop or industrial machine, NX can handle it. Our software supports multiple technologies from the most recognized AM hardware vendors in the industry, with optional support for 3MF and STL export.

Planar print technologies

Utilize the most popular printing technologies for your manufacturing needs. The majority of 3D printers for printing both metal and plastic use a planar print process. We partner with the best industry-grade printer manufacturers to ensure that our NX additive manufacturing software works with their hardware. NX also supports hundreds of desktop printers through integration with Ultimaker’s Cura solution.

Learn about planar printer connections

An operator with a part printed on a planar powder bed fusion printer.

Multi-axis print technologies

Join the forefront of additive manufacturing technology with support for multi-axis AM. The movement freedom afforded by multi-axis machines means that the deposition paths are 3D rather than planar, requiring special processing. We work with the best in the industry, and our multi-axis deposition path generation software is used to drive many of these cutting-edge machines.

Learn how NX connects to multi-axis printers

An illustration of a multi-axis printer consisting of a robot with a print deposition head.

Hybrid print technologies

Leverage hybrid print hardware to manufacture extremely complex parts. NX was one of the first, if not the first, major CAD system to support hybrid manufacturing machines, which include additive and subtractive operations within the same machine—allowing for quick switching between manufacturing modes. Our integrated additive and subtractive software systems mean you can use multi-axis machines with the operations necessary to drive this unique hardware.

A simulation of both additive and subtractive manufacturing on the same part.
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