Tooling and fixture design

Electrode design

Automate the entire electrical discharge machining (EDM) process from design through production to efficiently model even the most complex and challenging electrodes.

Identify manufacturing geometry automatically

Automate how you define the manufacturing processes for the core and cavity.  

You can automatically search, recognize, group and color faces that you want to burn and rough through EDM, wire EDM (WEDM), milling and grinding.

Visual of manufacturing processes.

Define the electrode sparking areas and blanks

Model the shape of the electrode head/burn area with specialized and powerful features.  

Design highly complex shapes that are associative. Ensure that the design changes made to the core and cavity seamlessly propagate to the electrode, drawing and into machining.

Visual of electrode sparking areas and blanks.

Design undersized geometry

Quickly design undersized electrode geometry using advanced tools in NX.  

You can compensate for spark gap and orbital motion. Out-of-the-box orbit types include circular, square and spherical. User-defined orbits can also be easily created.

Visual of undersized geometry.

Manage design changes effectively

Swap design versions of the manufacturing surfaces and automatically update associated electrodes, electrode drawings and toolpaths.

Visual of design versions of the manufacturing surfaces.

Validate the electrode design

Verify interferences and calculate the sparking area to optimize downstream manufacturing operations when determining the proper EDM machine settings.

Visual of electrode design.
case study


Automotive supplier designs and builds sophisticated mechatronic parts with Siemens solutions
Case Study

Automotive supplier designs and builds sophisticated mechatronic parts with Siemens solutions


Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Karlstein, Austria

Siemens Software:NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix