PLM Vis Web

Equip your users with interactive viewing of JT parts in a browser with PLM Vis Web - an SDK for embedding 3D graphics in a web page that you design.

A 3D model is displayed in a browser. The parts are defined using the JT file format and the graphics are embedded in a customizable browser using PLM Vis Web.

Why PLM Vis Web?

Embed graphics in your web page design and provide interactive view, measure and mark-up of JT parts to your community of users. End-users don’t need to install any software, only a javascript enabled web browser is needed.

This technology supports a variety of use cases, including adding visualization to online catalogs and advanced functionality to support engineers, all without needing to install any client software.

See what's included

PLM Vis Web at a glance

Deliver browser-based 3D part and assembly viewing with PLM Vis Web, our new JT visualization technology based on industry standards:

  • Displays in a web browser
  • No client-side install
  • No server-side GPU
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • WebGL


Implement a comprehensive suite of features for analysis, collaboration and scene management:

  • Distance – Edge to Edge / Face to Face / Point to Edge / Point to Face / Point to Point
  • Angle – between two planar surfaces or edges
  • Bounding box – In the forms of min/max/center points for selected single part
  • Radius – circular, elliptical, toroidal surfaces and edges
  • Volume – selected single part
  • Area – selected surface
  • Multi-plane sectioning
  • Markup & PMI
  • Product structure
  • Size and distance culling
  • Model navigation and exploded view
  • Rendering modes (shaded, outline, hidden line, visible, wireframe)
  • Multi-viewer support


Deliver custom applications that are only limited by what can be implemented in a web page. If you are an engineer frustrated that out-of-the-box viewing solutions lack the customization needed to support the workflow you want followed, then PLM Vis Web could be the solution you need. Updating a single web page is all that is required to keep an entire team current. Popular application areas include:

  • Catalogs
  • Shop floor
  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Configuration tools

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