Simcenter SCAPTOR system

Reliably record and make sense of automated driving data using an integrated solution for ADAS data collection and storage.

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Equipment that represents the Simcenter SCAPTOR System.

Why Simcenter SCAPTOR?

Ensure safe, comfortable and efficient autonomous vehicle operation

Simcenter SCAPTOR captures, stores, anonymizes, analyzes and replays terabytes of raw sensory and in-vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) data. It captures genuine, uncompressed sensor data via an in-vehicle high-speed recorder. 

Simcenter SCAPTOR also includes the software to help you access, search and retrieve appropriate and relevant data for any scenario and at the right time.  Advanced automatic annotation helps you create a structured dynamic and static environment for each scene.

Secure, anonymized data
Through state-of-the-art anonymization, which still retains facial expressions, you can ensure the data respects legislative and privacy constraints, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Simcenter SCAPTOR helps you assess performance in any relevant scenario by applying customizable safety analytics. Key metrics are readily available and based on internationally accepted best practices.

Discover Simcenter SCAPTOR for autonomous vehicle data collection

Driving automation systems require a vast amount of real-life, unimpaired data. Collecting this raw data is essential to the training and validation of the driving automation algorithms. How can vehicle manufacturers efficiently capture this data, while ensuring usability and searchability?

Simcenter SCAPTOR capabilities

Autonomous vehicle testing

Simcenter SCAPTOR accelerates the development of multi-sensor autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The high-speed autonomous vehicle data recorder captures a continuous, genuine and uncompressed flow of data. The time-synchronous raw data replay helps develop the computer vision and machine learning models that power autonomous vehicles.

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A visual illustration of cars on a highway with green and blue overlays representing multi-sensor driver assistance. Simcenter SCAPTOR accelerates the development of multi-sensor autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).