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Simcenter SPEED software

Rapidly analyze motor designs with analytical simulations. Simcenter SPEED helps you simulate most main electric machines classes along with their drives.

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Graphic of the outline editor used in Simcenter SPEED software.

Why Simcenter SPEED?

Simcenter SPEED allows engineers to rapidly analyze motor designs using analytical simulations. Simcenter SPEED provides access to theoretical and physical models of most main electric machine classes along with their drives.

Model the complexity
Simcenter SPEED supports several e-machine types including synchronous motors, single, 2- and 3-phase machines, induction machines, switched reluctance motors, direct current machines, wound-field commutator machines and axial flux machines.

Go faster
Simcenter SPEED includes all the necessary theoretical and physical models for a rapid e-machine design with a flexible approach. Analytical methods deliver almost instantaneous results, making it attractive for use in design exploration or what-if studies.

Stay integrated
Simcenter SPEED links to several general-purpose electromagnetic simulation solutions, including Simcenter MAGNET as well as to multiphysics solutions such as Simcenter STAR-CCM+. In many applications, the electric machine is embedded in a complex system. For such use cases, Simcenter SPEED supports export of data files to system simulation tools such as Simcenter Amesim. Simcenter SPEED includes a built-in graphical interface to enable design exploration with HEEDS.

What’s new? 

Stay integrated across Simcenter electromagnetic solutions. 

Simcenter SPEED capabilities

Rapid e-machine design with an analytical approach

Quickly design, assess, review and develop with the Simcenter SPEED analytical approach. With easy to modify parameters and full integration with Simcenter HEEDS, you can run an intelligent design exploration that considers thousands of possibilities in a fraction of the time that it would take to run a set of Finite Element (FE) simulations.

Graphic of the outline editor and a bubble chart used in Simcenter SPEED

Six e-machine types

Simcenter SPEED currently supports six e-machine types via its design templates: synchronous, induction, switched reluctance, brushed PM-DC, wound-field commutator and axial flux. All templates are fully parameterized allowing for easy modification and automatically scaling via the initial sizing function.

Six separate outline editors for six different products in Simcenter SPEED.

Quick and easy set-up via editors

Use the built-in graphical outline editor to quickly define parameters of your radial or axial e-machine that will instantly modify your geometry.

Choose between single or multiple-phase coil distributions, the magnetomotive force (MMF) and harmonics, as well as the Görges diagram. Then use winding editor to complete your winding scheme and the in-slot wire distribution.

Collect all your input parameters easily with the template editor.

Graphic of six different dashboards in Simcenter SPEED

Flexible material databases

Test your design with varied materials quickly with easy access to our database of materials. Our database includes steels, magnets and brushes. It can be edited, or you can create your own materials. Quickly check any material and review various charts, such as B/H and V/I curves.

A graph of a magnet database created in Simcenter SPEED