Simcenter Fluids and Thermal

Simcenter SPH Flow software

Accelerate complex transient application simulations with meshless CFD using the smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method.

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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of a car using the Simcenter SPH Flow software.

Why Simcenter SPH Flow?

Simcenter SPH Flow is a rapid meshless computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that provides designers and analysts a fully integrated environment. Enabling sophisticated CFD earlier in the development cycle, it uses the innovative smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method.

Reduce set up and solving times
Easily handle complex geometries and motions with a rapid and robust meshless method. Resolve complex highly dynamic fluid/fluid interface with no extra effort. Automate your process with a guided step-by-step workflow.

Leverage on a meshless method
The smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method is part of a new generation of numerical methods, developed to overcome meshing-related constraints with traditional approaches while still being based on the Navier-Stokes equations. With its Lagrangian characteristic and its particle-based approach, Simcenter SPH Flow is particularly well suited for highly dynamic flows, deformable and complex boundaries, and interfaces with fragmentations/ reconnections.

Analyze complex transient applications
Benefit from a detailed analysis of dynamic flows at no additional cost. Precisely capture areas of interest with adaptive particle refinement.

Stay integrated
Get a better insight of lubrication oil trajectory considering air friction. Ensure optimal performance considering temperature coupling. Improve reliability considering fluid-structure interactions.

What’s new?

Computer model of a car with SPH Flow modelling how rain falls on it

Run faster simulations through efficient solid boundary condition treatment. Easily set up fluid-structure one-way coupling interactions. Model the complexity of mixing applications with multiple liquids.

Simcenter SPH Flow capabilities

Applications like electric motor cooling, tire hydroplaning, automotive water management for sensor soiling, water impingement, and rain on windshields, all require an interdisciplinary engineering approach. To cope with the resulting complexity, you need to assess the performance of products across disciplines with integrated simulation solutions.

For many of these applications, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations need to be closely coupled with structural mechanics. Simcenter SPH Flow allows the coupling of smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) with finite element method (FEM) solvers to simulate fluid-structure interactions. For applications where aerodynamic forces have a relevant impact on the primary (liquid) phase, SPH can be coupled with another SPH simulation or the Simcenter mesh-based CFD methods. This allows you to stay integrated while coping with multiphysics complexity.

Airplane ditching, water wading, gearbox lubrication and dam break scenarios all share the challenge of highly dynamic local effects with steep gradients and a fragmentation of the associated liquid surface.

Local particle refinement in Simcenter SPH Flow enables you to precisely capture areas of interest with higher resolution at lower CPU cost. SPH’s static or moving refinement boxes ensure high-accuracy simulations at low computational and setup effort, hence enabling you to go faster without compromising CFD simulation fidelity.

SPH flow simulation of water as a car graphic drives through it.

Gearbox lubrication, vehicle water wading and windshield wipers are just a few examples that are characterized by complex motions.

With the Simcenter SPH Flow motion models for CFD simulations, model the complexity and predict the real-world fluid dynamics performance for such moving objects. Mitigating the need for computational grids, Simcenter SPH Flow empowers you to easily and quickly set up and simulate a broad range of complex body motions. To accurately capture fluid dynamics under transient conditions and moving geometry, Simcenter SPH Flow allows you to simulate the dynamic 6-DOF motion of bodies, including any sort of rotation or translation motions. This allows you to define even the most sophisticated motions with minimum effort to accurately replicate real-world product operation conditions and predict resulting fluid dynamics performance.

There are several areas that require you to simulate fluids dominated by diffusion and viscous or viscoelastic behavior: sealing and assembly processes, slurries, extrusions, material processing, and food and beverage industries that work with mixers.

Simulating rheology CFD accurately is the key to reducing power consumption, emissions and raw material usage while improving product reliability, user experience and liability costs.

Simcenter SPH Flow offers the ability to simulate such applications with non-Newtonian fluids.

Rheology simulation graphic of liquids as they pour from three spigots.

The impingement of liquids plays a crucial role in many aerospace, powertrain and automotive applications.

The Simcenter SPH Flow predictive surface tension model accurately captures wettability effects on different surface conditions, for instance by defining highly diverse contact angles to study from hydrophobic to hydrophilic materials. With this high-fidelity model, Simcenter SPH Flow can also predict capillary effects in the narrowest areas.