Simcenter Studio software

A versatile tool leveraging patented technology for engineers and data scientists to create novel and topologically different system architectures.

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Screen capture of the Simcenter Studio dashboard.

Why Simcenter Studio?

Simcenter Studio generates and evaluates system architectures during the early concept phase. It combines system simulation, optimal control methods, and reinforcement learning with a state-of-the-art machine learning and scientific computing stack to simulate and evaluate hundreds of architectures.

Generate AI-based system architectures
Generate system architectures by setting requirements and allow Simcenter Studio to help discover novel designs. Driven by a patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the software generates a wide range of system architectures from an engineering-friendly formal model description. Avoiding the problem of design fixation using a systematic and reproducible approach, it also captures essential knowledge in the early design phase.

Enable design decisions with computational notebooks for system simulation
Evaluate generated or imported system architectures by system simulation from inside computational notebooks. Accelerate your evaluation runs by automatically spawning and pooling system simulations via an advanced scriptable interface using Python. Gather all results into a single HDF5 file to ease post-processing. This way, computational notebooks enable design decisions to be reproducible and documented.

Automate controller generation for realistic trade-studies
Automate controller generation to create the most accurate and realistic trade studies possible in the early design stages. Use either a model-free approach via reinforcement learning or a model-based approach via optimal control. Execute the closed-loop evaluation of hundreds or thousands of variants to gain a competitive edge.

Guide selection of the best system architecture
Bring all relevant stakeholders together to do multi-attribute balancing with an intuitive web-based application. Use AI to generate compliant architectures and leverage an interactive tool for cross-filtering and ranking of thousands of designs. A recommender system can suggest potentially overlooked alternatives from the vast design space. Set up your own workflows to generate use-case specific reports in computational notebooks to enable targeted discussions on individual designs.

Gain a competitive edge

Find out how to avoid design fixation with generative engineering of system architectures​.


AI-based generation of system architectures

In this short video we explore:

  • A typical product development process
  • An introduction to generative engineering
  • The overview of a Simcenter Studio environment