Simcenter System Architect software

Rapidly create heterogeneous system simulation architectures and seamlessly evaluate system level performance of your products through co-simulation.

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Screen capture of a Simcenter System Architect dashboard.

Why Simcenter System Architect?

Developing complex products often involves multiple design teams working in parallel with a range of modeling and simulation processes. Simcenter System Architect offers effortless co-simulation of multiple heterogeneous models, enabling collaboration across domain boundaries and siloes.

Use co-simulation platform to modularize system simulation
Evaluate system designs painlessly with a highly flexible co-simulation approach. Understand multiple key performance indicators by combining many simulation assets into a single architecture, either built from scratch or imported from a range of sources, including Simcenter Amesim, Mathworks Simulink, Catia Magic, and standards such as Modelica SSP. Rapidly plug in simulations of any methodology or fidelity, driven by a robust and industry-leading co-simulation backend.

Connect systems engineering to system simulation
Accelerate system design by leveraging systems engineering and simulation together. Maintain a single source of truth by directly linking abstract simulation assets into the system architecture, ensuring consistency and traceability throughout the product lifecycle. Extend your data and model pipelines into a comprehensive simulation factory to ensure a trustworthy verification and validation process. Changes to system or simulation models can be propagated into the digital thread quickly and easily, saving engineering time.

Employ model management in the enterprise and beyond
Harmonize both simulation architecture models and reusable libraries in the enterprise and beyond with model management. Keep control of intellectual property with IP-free and IP-full variants of the same simulation assets while boosting collaboration with partners. Connect to various data management tools from file-based Git up to Teamcenter, the best-in-class product lifecycle management (PLM) solution from Siemens.

Reuse simulation assets from many tools and teams
Organize simulation assets from different sources (Simcenter Amesim, Matlab Simulink, and functional mock-up unit (FMU)) into a single reusable library to seamlessly leverage enterprise know-how. Simulation assets are executed in their native format – with the software automatically orchestrating the co-simulation. In-house teams, suppliers and partners can collaborate while continuing to work in their favorite development environments.

See it in action

Evaluate design variants with Simcenter System Architect and Teamcenter Simulation.

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