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Simcenter Femap/NASTRAN Dynamic Response

Perform structural simulation and dynamic response analyses to better understand your products' ability to withstand loading conditions and vibrations.

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Structural simulation and dynamic response analyses with Simcenter Femap pre/post with Simcenter Nastran Dynamic Response.

Why Simcenter Femap/NASTRAN Dynamic Response?


Simulate your products for the most common types of structural and dynamic response problems before ever building a physical prototype. Simcenter Femap/NASTRAN Dynamic Response helps you build simulation models quickly and understand how your products can withstand vibration.

Key features

Simcenter Femap/NASTRAN Dynamic Response enables you to calculate your product’s forced response to inputs (loads or motion) that vary with time or frequency, as well as compute complex eigenvalues. Dynamic response analysis includes capabilities found in the base module for linear static and normal modes.


  • Femap pre- and post-processing
  • Linear statics
  • Buckling
  • Normal modes
  • Heat transfer
  • Basic nonlinear
  • Transient response
  • Frequency response
  • Complex eigenvalues
  • Response spectrum
  • Random vibration
  • Cloud-based collaboration

What's included

This bundle includes the following product modules:

  • Simcenter Femap
  • Simcenter NASTRAN Basic
  • Simcenter Nastran Dynamic Response
  • Teamcenter Share

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