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Simcenter Femap/NASTRAN

A complete bundle for structural simulation for linear statics, buckling and normal modes, steady state and transient heat transfer and basic nonlinear.

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Simulation made with the use of Simcenter Femap software.

Why Simcenter Femap/NASTRAN?


Simulate your products for the most common structural problems before building a physical prototype. Simcenter Femap with Simcenter NASTRAN seamlessly combines the advanced functionality of the Windows-native Simcenter Femap pre- and post-processor with the powerful Simcenter NASTRAN structural solver. Simcenter Femap/Nastran allows you to easily and efficiently solve complex engineering problems.

Key features

CAD independent pre/post
Simcenter Femap is computer-aided design (CAD) and solver-independent and leverages the Parasolid® modeling kernel. This allows direct access to Parasolid data for surface and solid modeling in addition to advanced geometric tools necessary for accessing non-Parasolid geometry.

Comprehensive meshing and modeling
From advanced beam modeling, mid-surface extraction and hex meshing to robust CAD import and idealization, Femap gives you unparalleled model control and flexibility with a broad range of loads, materials and analysis types.

Structural and thermal analyses
Understand if your product can hold up to expected loading conditions. Simulate structural performance for linear statics, buckling and normal modes, and basic nonlinear behavior. You can also simulate basic thermal performance, such as steady state and transient heat transfer (linear and nonlinear).

What's included?

Simcenter Femap with Simcenter NASTRAN provides all of the capabilities you will need to perform the most common types of structural analyses without limit to model size.

Capabilities include:

  • CAD-independent Simcenter Femap pre- and post-processing:

    • Comprehensive meshing
  • Simcenter Nastran basic solver:

    • Linear statics
    • Buckling
    • Normal modes
    • Heat transfer
    • Basic nonlinear

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