Simcenter Madymo software

Reduce new or improved vehicle development time and cost through early analysis and optimization of occupant and pedestrian safety.

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CFD simulation of two people in a car with the Simcenter Madymo Software.

Why Simcenter Madymo?

Occupant and pedestrian safety are critical design aspects of transportation vehicles like cars and airplanes, but physical crash tests are expensive and take time. Simcenter Madymo simulates occupant safety so you can develop better occupant and pedestrian safety solutions faster.

Use the right dummy or human model for your application
Simcenter Madymo includes an extensive database of validated crash dummy and human body models. Simcenter Madymo occupant models are widely used in the automotive industry for occupant safety engineering and research in human (impact) biomechanics.

Integrate flexible modeling
Simcenter Madymo helps you to integrate multibody (MB), finite element (FE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology in a single solver, providing you with the flexibility to model safety systems with the right balance between accuracy and speed.  

Benefit from a global standard for over 25 years
Virtually every vehicle manufacturer relies on its speed and accuracy for the complex task of restraint system development.

Enjoy flexible licensing
To make Simcenter Madymo even more flexible for your simulation team, Siemens offers value-based token licensing. Instead of purchasing individual licenses for each add-on module, you can buy packs of tokens that allow you and your team to instantly access all Simcenter Madymo tools.

Integrated safety system development for pedestrian and occupant safety

Integrated safety systems are a combination of passive and active safety systems that aim to improve pedestrian and occupant safety. While these systems offer a multitude of possibilities, they also come with some challenges.

Watch this webinar for an introduction to the Integrated Safety Application and see you how you can save time, improve your simulation runs and reduce user input errors.

Case Study

EDAG Group

Read how EDAG Group uses Simcenter Madymo to speed time-to-market for new pedestrian safety systems.

The legs and shadow of a person running across a crosswalk
Case Study

Reducing simulation time for human body behavior from days to hours

Company:EDAG Group

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Munich, Germany

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Madymo

Simcenter Madymo software capablities

Crash dummy and human body models

Simcenter Madymo includes a database of validated crash dummy and human body models. The occupant models are widely used in the automotive industry for occupant safety engineering and research in human (impact) biomechanics.

Occupant safety simulation

Screenshot of a Simcenter Madymo software validating crash dummy and human body models.

Multiphysics solver

Simcenter Madymo contains a multiphysics solver for occupant restraint system simulation. The solver consists of a multibody (MB), finite element (FE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver to compute all aspects of dummy/human model movement, impact ad airbag behavior.

Computer simulation of a crash dummy hitting an airbag in a car

Interfaces for co-simulation

Simcenter Madymo can be used to interface and run in co-simulation with other explicit FE solvers. This enables engineers to use Simcenter Madymo occupant and restraint system models in any FE vehicle structure model. It can also run in co-simulation with the MATLAB environment and Simulink environment, enabling the user to include the most advanced control algorithms in Simcenter Madymo modeled safety systems.

Simcenter Madymo occupant and restraint system model.