Infographics represent a sustainable world.


Making things

Today, we measure success and happiness by accumulating 'things.' Our consumerism-obsessed culture costs us significantly in energy and natural resources while generating 15.8 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases. Can Simcenter help engineers to create a more sustainable future?

Everything we buy has a carbon cost

Today, most of us are so utterly dependent on our smartphones that we spend most of the day mentally negotiating charging points around our home, workplace and any vehicle we might drive.

Network infrastructure

Electricity consumption


About 22% of emissions are generated from the network infrastructure and data centers required to keep your phone connected.

Despite constant charging and discharging, electricity consumption accounts for less than 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions across the lifetime of mobile phones.

The remaining 77% result from the manufacturing of your device.

A mobile circuit board.

Embedded emissions: the carbon cost of everything

Manufacturing anything involves taking random combinations of atoms (usually manifested as a raw material) and processing them into a useful product. This takes up huge amounts of energy and causes lots of emissions.

Infographic of factory representing embedded emissions.
Case study

University of the Basque Country

University of Basque Country uses NX and Simcenter to enable students to tackle industrial and environmental challenges.

Providing future engineers with problem-solving skills for a sustainable future
Case Study

Providing future engineers with problem-solving skills for a sustainable future

Company:University of the Basque Country

Location:Bilbao, Spain

Siemens Software:NX, Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter STAR-CCM+