Mechanical design management

Improve engineering productivity by up to 25%. Find, share and re-use mechanical CAD (MCAD) data in a fully integrated, multi-domain PLM environment.

Go beyond workgroup design management

Unlock mechanical designs for business-wide collaboration. Teamcenter is easy to use with AutoCAD, Inventor, CATIA, Creo, NX, Solid Edge and SolidWorks.

Manage mechanical data across multiple CAD systems

Access the full power of Teamcenter PLM embedded inside your design tool of choice. Easily find and reuse existing designs and work with confidence that you always have the latest, most accurate data. Collaborate with internal stakeholders, suppliers and partners, with each person working in their preferred system. All components can be incorporated into multi-CAD assemblies for true design collaboration.

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Trust a single, secure source of multi-domain data

Connect your mechanical designs with electrical, electronic, software and simulation data. Manage, find, share and re-use data across design centers from a single secure source. Deliver a multi-domain bill of material (BOM) and complete the digital twin. Understand complex relationships and dependencies between components across all possible configurations of the product, even as it changes.

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Visualize CAD data for business-wide collaboration

Share, reuse and modify designs regardless of the native CAD system, using the CAD-neutral JT format. With this format, you can collaborate and review 3D design details with suppliers, partners and stakeholders that don't use CAD tools. You can view, interrogate and analyze designs, and leverage digital mock-ups to validate design changes in multiple product configurations.

Robotic arm designed with CAD and mechanical design management

Manage integrated materials data across the lifecycle

Manage the lifecycle of all materials used in your products holistically with Teamcenter material management. Incorporate material data into your design processes from the start, rather than as an afterthought. Deliver innovative, sustainable products with material data, processes and assignments embedded in the lifecycle of products that include them.

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Design in-context to focus on your part of the design

Quickly search, navigate and establish a proper design context. Explore large amounts of product information and work with only the data relevant to the product, configuration or variant you need. Save these design contexts for your use, or share them with other designers and suppliers so they can use them while working on or validating their part of the design.

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