Logistics operations

Optimize your operations, efficiency and bottom line.

Streamlining your supply chain with a holistic approach

Your supply chain management requires careful planning, accurate analysis, and smart decisions regarding processes, procurement, contracts, and collaboration between departments within the company. This involves holistic planning, accurate demand forecasting, efficient procurement, clear contracts, open communication, continuous process improvement and risk management.


Excel with our services

Transport tender execution

Get every aspect handled, from concept planning to creating essential documents and conducting digital twin transport cost simulations.

Offer evaluation and comparison

Make informed choices as our experts meticulously review offers, perform bid cost analysis and provide comprehensive evaluations.

Negotiation support and awarding

Receive support in negotiations, maintaining records and drafting foundational contract documents to ensure smooth transitions.

Start-up management and stabilization

Ensure a seamless transition and stabilization phase. We facilitate logistics service provider changes, enable their processes and provide IT connections.

Warehousing: Make vs. buy

Enjoy critical support at every stage as you decide on make vs. buy decisions. We thoroughly evaluate complex business cases to ensure positive impacts.

Intralogistics solutions

Leverage our experience to make well-informed decisions. Whether you're establishing or expanding a storage location or investing in automated storage technology, we can assist.

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Example projects

Client: Industrial spare parts

For clients dealing with industrial spare parts, we offer a comprehensive scope of services. Get an evaluation of the planned costs for the "make" option, serving as a solid foundation for your tendering process. We bring transparency to your target situation by defining service level agreements (SLAs), compensation concepts, processes, material flows and more. Our model development and validation processes focus on key metrics, including costs, cash flow and service performance. Let us delve into the details, including the number and characteristics of stored material numbers and response times, to provide you with a holistic evaluation of your options.

Client: Agricultural machinery spare parts

In the agricultural machinery spare parts sector, we help you evaluate the impact of suitable automation technology. Our services begin with transparency regarding your current situation, encompassing material flows and processes. Key metrics such as costs, cash flow, service quality and performance drivers are meticulously examined. We determine the number and capacity of target storage units, allowing you to make informed decisions. We also evaluate various scenarios and sensitivities to provide you with a comprehensive view of your options.

We are committed to helping you make strategic decisions that drive success. Whether it's optimizing your warehouse operations or navigating complex tendering processes, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to discover how we can enhance your business efficiency and profitability.