NX CAM software

Complex parts machining

Effectively manufacture complex parts using advanced 5-axis machining capabilities, reducing the number of operations and setups while improving part quality.

Create advanced 5-axis machining operations

Leverage the latest multi-axis toolpaths that provide precise tool-axis control and automated collision avoidance.  

Adaptive Milling, a multi-axis high-speed roughing strategy, can reduce machining time by up to 60%. The smooth finishing methods can follow the part's natural shape, achieving a superior finish. 

Barrel tools, which allow larger tool engagement, enable higher part quality with shorter machining cycles.

A 5-axis mock-up of a machining part.

Machine internal geometries with tube milling

The 5-axis tube milling dramatically simplifies the programming of hollow and narrow features, such as ports of engine blocks.   

Generate both roughing and finishing multi-axis machining operations with minimum input using this specialized operation. 

Safely machine the entire area with a single toolpath, ensuring improved machining efficiency and accuracy.

Graphic of a tube milling

Program multi-blade parts using turbomachinery milling

Simplify the programming of complex multi-bladed rotational parts, such as blisks and impellers, with specialized 5-axis NC programming operations. 
Simultaneous 5-axis roughing and automated rest milling removes material between the blades. To finish the hub, blades and splitters, use optimized toolpaths by precisely controlling cut patterns, toolpath smoothing and tool axis stabilization for the edges.

Graphic of a machine being milled.

Visualize multi-axis operations to optimize cutting conditions

Analyze complex machine behaviors during 5-axis machining by visualizing multi-axis toolpath characteristics, including: 

  • Tool lead angle 
  • Rotary axis positions, with over-travel limits 
  • Rotary axis speeds to detect reversals 
  • Short and long segments 

Verify cutting conditions across the entire operation, enabling you to machine complex parts right the first time.

Screen capture of an NX CAD /CAM interface
Case study

Heiwa Sangyo

A Heiwa Sangyo machine being sprayed with water
Case Study

NX supports the full operation of various machine tools

Company:Heiwa Sangyo

Industry:Automotive & transportation, Aerospace & defense

Location:Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Siemens Software:NX