Opcenter Execution Process

Opcenter Execution Process is a manufacturing execution system (MES) designed to ensure the perfect quality required of process-manufactured products.

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ensuring that food production is well within specified quality and safety parameters

Ensure perfect quality

Opcenter Execution Process supports increasing traceability, raising order management efficiency, and the real-time monitoring of process manufacturing operations.

Institute a high degree of vertical integration
Orchestrate and manage the distinctive aspects of manufacturing consumer packaged goods (CPG), food and beverage (F&B) and chemical manufacturing. Meet both the special requirements of formulated product operations and the demands of secondary manufacturing operations, like packaging, labeling and palletizing finished goods, with a unified MES for process manufacturing.

Manage materials, formula, recipe and batch management
Reliably determine and track variable key performance characteristics of incoming raw materials (acidity or viscosity, for example) as well as time-sensitive parameters (ripeness, shelf life). Rely on close integration of our MES for process manufacturing and a specification management system to gain efficiency and accuracy in managing formulas, recipes and bills of materials (BOMs). Make product and process adjustments to account for supplier differences and improve final product consistency.

Perform integrated quality sampling and testing
Track monitoring and testing of critical characteristics of raw ingredients and intermediate and final products. Our MES for process manufacturing enables exceptional vigilance to ensure product safety. Closely tie MES with laboratory information management system (LIMS) software to manage frequent batch sampling and laboratory testing. Opcenter Execution Process helps protect both consumer health and safety and the health and safety of manufacturing floor personnel, especially in the chemical industry.

Implement a flexible platform and app approach
Implement Opcenter Execution Process using a measured, incremental, layered approach as you transition from legacy systems to a next-generation software solution. Built on our state-of-the-art platform and app approach, our MES for process manufacturing allows you to protect earlier investments and start building toward your flexible and efficient unified digital enterprise.

Two workers using process manufacturing in a lab.
Case study

The Absolut Company

Opcenter helps The Absolut Company implement fully automated production lines
Case Study

World-class manufacturing with Siemens manufacturing operations management

Company:The Absolut Company

Industry:Consumer products & retail

Location:Åhus, Sweden

Siemens Software:Opcenter APS, Opcenter Execution Process

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