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Opcenter Connect

Consolidate, enhance and standardize Opcenter connectivity independent of specific products or applications with the Opcenter Connect product family.

Why Opcenter Connect?

Opcenter Connect expedites central solution deployment to tightly connect business and manufacturing systems.

Accelerate deployment

Facilitate rapid access to systems, machines and/or processes.

Eliminate dependencies

Build the digital thread independent of specific products or applications.

Maximize data flow efficiency

Automatically apply data normalization and standardization.

Benefits of using Opcenter Connect

Get more value from your IT investment
By consolidating and enhancing Opcenter connectivity, Opcenter Connect reduces project effort and risk. It also enables end-to-end message processing and diagnosis. Opcenter Connect integrates Opcenter systems with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, manufacturing systems with cloud intelligence systems, Opcenter systems with manufacturing shop floor devices or tools, and much more.

Choose from numerous deployment options
Opcenter Connect is compatible with almost all solutions, including distributed solutions. Its components are scalable and support a high-availability architecture.

Eliminate manual process errors
Opcenter Connect provides up-to-date information gathered through tightly connected business, manufacturing, quality and shop floor systems. As a result, you gain control over cumbersome, error-prone manual processes.

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