Opcenter Execution Semiconductor

Opcenter Execution Semiconductor is a manufacturing execution system (MES) that addresses the particular needs of all semiconductor production operations.

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Optimize manufacturing processes with the highest yield

Opcenter Execution Semiconductor optimizes throughput, yield and cost, seamlessly steering and fail-safe processing new product introductions and product changes.

Greater, more reliable information flows
Digitally connect the entire manufacturing process lifecycle. Opcenter Execution Semiconductor is equipped for smart manufacturing, with all semiconductor MES functions tied together with fab or line automation, design and simulation, material and resource management, production planning and scheduling, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and analytics systems.

A person in a lab who is wearing gloves and is working on semiconductor manufacturing.

Get comprehensive MES for semiconductor manufacturing
Apply Opcenter Execution Semiconductor to seed and boule fabrication, wafer fabrication, assembly and test operations. Our MES for the semiconductor industry offers a high level of out-of-the-box industry functionality, the highest level of configurability and complete interoperability with other digital systems supporting a semiconductor manufacturer.

Two semiconductor manufacturing employees working in a factory.

Track and trace to the device level
Easily manage the explosion of semiconductor manufacturing data and support device-level genealogies. Opcenter Execution Semiconductor performs detailed and fast information gathering and processing from equipment sensors through every level of product and process recording and tracking. Achieve traceability starting with incoming materials such as die, lead frames, epoxy and bond wires, and build to full record throughout the supply chain to system integration.

Semiconductor manufacturing in a lab.

Employ reusable workflows
Model complex process flows and specifications, including recipes, masks and tools, driving operations and ancillary processes. Our MES for semiconductor stores and manages all your production directives, making them reusable. It also centrally supports change management to reliably roll out process changes to every fab or line.

A couple of engineers talking and pointing to the laptop screen.

Improve shop floor management and efficiency
Opcenter Execution Semiconductor provides flexible configurations and full interoperability with other systems. A sophisticated shopfloor integration, automatically enforced dispatching, integrated equipment maintenance, reliable NPI and change management, as well as quality enforcement, enables advanced digitalization of manufacturing processes. Operators get the required visibility and operational insights and are guided to ensure as-designed manufacturing.

Image: Opcenter Execution Semiconductor: Semiconductor_shopfloor_efficiency_640x360.jpg

Gain insight from advanced analytics
Pinpoint opportunities for improving yield and other margin factors, such as overall equipment effectiveness. Our MES software for semiconductor manufacturing uses the digital twin of production to reflect performance in real-time and keeps track with actual results and statistical process control (SPC) and deviations from manufacturing execution, maintenance, test and scheduling. This always current digital twin helps you identify opportunities for continuous production improvement.

Two employes in an office discussing semiconductor manufacturing.

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