D-Cubed PGM

Automate offset profile creation in your CAD, CAM and CAE applications with D-Cubed Profile Geometry Manager (PGM) for creating, modifying, measuring and constraining 2D profiles.

A Computer-Aided Manufacturing software application is used to program a machine-tool path comprised of offset 2D geometric profiles.

Why D-Cubed Profile Geometry Manager?

Enable your software applications to create, modify, measure and constrain 2D offset profiles with D-Cubed Profile Geometry Manager (PGM). 2D profiles can consist of open or closed series of connected edges.

Available as a component for integration by software vendors, D-Cubed PGM provides advanced sketching operations in 2D/3D CAD systems and helps to automate toolpath creation in CAM systems.

See what's included

Automatically generate valid 2D offset profiles on points, lines, circles, ellipses, splines, general parametric curves and offset curves. Gaps that arise between adjacent edges in an offset loop are automatically capped using a choice of capping techniques. Offset edges that shrink to zero length/radius, and any intersecting geometry are automatically trimmed, including self-intersecting offsets, offsets ellipses and splines.

Identify closed loops of edges automatically to detect and optionally hatch closed regions of interest in your sketching application.

D-Cubed PGM can measure the length and/or area of loops. When used in conjunction with D-Cubed 2D DCM, these loop properties can be constrained as part of a fully parametric sketch. Applications can solve geometric constraints between loops and other sketch geometry, including other loops.

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