Automate collision-free path planning in your software applications by integrating KineoWorks from Siemens. Plan optimal trajectories for industrial robots and machine tools.

Industrial robots perform automated welding operations in car manufacture. KineoWorks robotics simulation software can be used to compute collision-free robot motion.

Why KineoWorks?

Solve motion planning problems by automatically computing optimized, collision-free trajectories for any kinematics system. KineoWorks delivers advanced path planning for industrial motion simulation and control systems with numerous applications:

• Automate and optimize industrial robots and machine tools
• Verify assembly/disassembly operations in digital mock-up
• Model human interaction and accessibility

Explore applications

Automate planning of complex, collision-free motion in robot and machine simulation and control

  • Optimize for your chosen constraints, for example cycle time or energy efficiency
  • Simulate standard six- and seven-degree-of-freedom robots
  • Compute simultaneous, collision-free operation of multiple robots in the same working cell
  • Determine optimum trajectories for specific tool operations
  • Compute optimal sequence for serial inspection, spot welding and related operations
  • Validate grip positions in pick-and-place operations

Determine valid 3D part assembly and disassembly paths in digital mock-up applications:

  • Compute collision-free paths automatically in one click
  • Enable users to apply their own expertise interactively to select from a choice of outcomes

Perform ergonomic studies by simulating human body kinematics with more than a hundred degrees of freedom.

KineoWorks enables you to simulate the motion of an operator in assembly tasks to check feasibility, ergonomics and accessibility.

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