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Simcenter Nastran software

Accurately simulate products for structural strength, vibration and acoustics. Simcenter Nastran is a premier solver for performance, accuracy and scalability.

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CFD simulation of a vehicle component made with the Simcenter Nastran software.

Why Simcenter Nastran?

Utilize the premier FEM solver

Simcenter Nastran is a premier finite element method (FEM) solver for computational performance, accuracy and reliability. It is a powerful solution for linear and nonlinear structural analysis, structural dynamics, acoustics, rotor dynamics, aeroelasticity and

Trust the industry standard of over 50 years
Simcenter Nastran has been helping manufacturers as well as engineering suppliers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, heavy machinery, medical device, and other industries for their critical engineering computing needs to produce safe, reliable and optimized designs within ever shorter design cycles.

Simplify modeling processes
Simcenter Nastran is known as a leader in structural and dynamics simulation, but it goes beyond those solutions. Nonlinear structural analysis, acoustics, rotor dynamics, aeroelasticity and flutter, thermal analysis and optimization are all available from the same solver. The advantage to having all these solutions available in a single solver is that input/output file formats are the same for all solution types, which greatly simplifies modeling processes.

Integrate from the desktop to HPC systems
Available as an integrated solution within Simcenter 3D, or as a standalone solver, Simcenter Nastran gives you the flexibility to deploy to the computing systems that will best serve your application needs.

Benefit from flexible licensing
Leverage Simcenter 3D value-based licensing to gain immediate access to the Simcenter Nastran modules you need. If you’re a Simcenter Femap user, explore our Simcenter Femap/Simcenter Nastran bundles. You can also license Simcenter Nastran separately to work with whichever pre/post system you choose.

High-performance computing for dynamics and NVH analysis

Learn how Simcenter Nastran improves performance for modal and dynamic response analysis.

Simcenter Nastran software capabilities

Simulate structures to understand how they perform for stress, deformation and more. Simcenter Nastran solver can help you accurately simulate the following types of solutions:

  • Linear analysis
  • Multistep nonlinear analysis

Structural analysis

A screenshot of a Simcenter Nastran structural analysis software.

Understand, analyze and improve structural dynamics response. Simcenter Nastran structural dynamics solutions help you to efficiently understand and avoid excessive vibrations and stresses. Dedicated capabilities available within the structural dynamics solution include:

  • Structural dynamics
  • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Response dynamics

Structural dynamics simulation

CFD simulation of mechanical equipment realized with Simcenter 3D Software.

Minimize noise and optimize sound quality through acoustic simulation. Simcenter Nastran is an efficient FEM solver for performing acoustics and vibro-acoustics simulation.

Acoustic simulation

A 3D model of a motor, with heatmaps showing sound vibrations.

Improve and optimize your product designs. Simcenter Nastran optimization solutions help you to start at topology optimization and also optimize your finite element models through achieving specific results. Specific optimization capabilities include:

  • Topology optimization
  • FE parameter optimization

Design space exploration and optimization

Improve and optimize your product designs. Simcenter Nastran optimization solutions help you to start at topology optimization and also optimize your finite element models through achieve specific results.