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Design space exploration and optimization

Simcenter design space exploration and optimization helps engineers with the outcome of design changes on real-world performance.

Optimize product performance

To stay ahead in the innovation race, engineers need to be able to quickly predict the outcome of design changes on the real-world performance of their product. Engineering simulation provides an excellent way for you to cost-effectively evaluate how your products will perform under expected operating conditions.

Design exploration and optimization solutions take simulation to the next level yielding new, innovative product designs that result in exceptional performance.

Improving cooling of gas turbines with design space exploration

Learn how Kawasaki Heavy Industries and B&B-Agema GmbH improved the cooling effectiveness of their turbines.

Design space exploration and optimization capabilities

Integrated design-space exploration

Simcenter mechanical accesses the power of parametric design space exploration at your desk with low adoption costs. It helps companies to move beyond the standard use of simulation for validation, troubleshooting and basic prediction by automatically exploring broader design spaces to more rapidly discover much better designs.

A visual from the Simcenter HEEDs.

Topology optimization

Let structural simulation drive the shape of your design. Topology optimization can help give you the optimal shape for a particular design space given its loading conditions. You simply model the design space, set optimization targets (such as weight) and constraints (max. deflection), and define loading conditions, and Simcenter will create a new concept shape that will meet all requirements.

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Five different designs for a machine part

FE parameter optimization

Reduce design risk by better understanding the complex relationships among finite element (FE) parameters and how changes affect these relationships. Simcenter can help you establish design sensitivity based on simulated performance conditions and then synthesize and optimize your models.

Curved machine part simulated for FE parameter optimization
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Design space exploration in the energy industry

Learn how automated design space exploration will empower your engineering teams to accelerate product development and gain efficiency.

Energy equipment design on Simcenter software.