Simcenter SCADAS Mobile hardware

Boost testing productivity for noise, vibration, durability and other applications with up to 216 channels packed into a small, portable frame for mobile testing.

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Simcenter SCADAS Mobile hardware device.

Why Simcenter SCADAS Mobile?

A complete portfolio for all field and lab testing requirements
Simcenter SCADAS Mobile hardware includes various systems to satisfy all your mobile testing needs, from ultralight yet robust systems of 2.5 kilograms (kg) that have a nominal 2.5-hour battery autonomy, to laptop-sized systems that can host from eight to 216 channels in a single frame.

Build a large test setup in the field
Using Simcenter SCADAS Mobile, you can build a large field test setup with multiple frames to expand mobile measurements to include hundreds of input channels. All systems can work in a true main-secondary configuration with fully synchronized data saved in one measurement file. The distributed acquisition happens through optical cabling, and you can easily daisy chain several frames into a single measurement platform.

Component certification testing
In addition, you can extend any Simcenter SCADAS Mobile system to become a frontend for vibration-control applications or certification testing of individual components under operational loads.

Simcenter SCADAS Community

Discover the users' community that's compiling a vast number of technical articles answering your possible questions on Simcenter SCADAS. If you don't find the answer, raise your question in the forum.

Simcenter SCADAS Mobile capabilities

Rely on SImcenter SCADAS Mobile for your field and laboratory testing activities. Our compact, multi-channel data acquisition system is designed for a wide range of multi-physics applications. It incorporates robustness, reliability and acquisition power into a portable, rugged design. For expanding channel count on demand, combine multiple mobile data acquisition systems or connect them to one of our laboratory systems.

A Simcenter multi-channel data acquisition system on the passenger seat of a car

Configure your data acquisition hardware according to your testing requirements. Simcenter SCADAS Mobile includes a broad range of input modules supporting a large variety of transducers and signal conditioning capabilities, combining analog and digital signals. It covers a broad range of physical types, including vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS and many more.

A Simcenter SCADAS recorder