Simcenter SCADAS XS hardware

Combine broad noise and vibration testing functionality with the freedom of a handheld solution to test products in real-life circumstances quickly.

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A hand holds a Simcenter SCADAS XS, with a leaf blower in the background

Why Simcenter SCADAS XS?

Instantly test and troubleshoot your product
Simcenter SCADAS XS helps you perform fast and reliable measurements and comes with a tablet for instant investigation, diagnostics and troubleshooting. With its compact design, Simcenter SCADAS XS comfortably fits in your hand. It features reliable onboard data storage and a full working day of battery autonomy, offering the flexibility you need to improve testing efficiency.

Replay the entire recorded soundscape
Simcenter SCADAS XS can be combined with an optional Simcenter SCADAS 3D Binaural Headset for cost-effective binaural recording and immediate, high-quality data replay of any analog, Sony/Philips Digital interface format (S/PDIF) or headset channel. This integrated replay capability provides an easy and effective way to validate acoustic quality.

Extending Simcenter SCADAS XS systems
You can combine various Simcenter SCADAS XS systems in a distributed test setup that considers the different systems as individual frontends. The combined system synchronizes time signals while streaming to a single measurement file following the precision time protocol (PTP) based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1588 standard. This configuration allows you to set up star topologies with a 50-meter cable length using a standard Ethernet connection.

Take a closer look at Simcenter SCADAS XS

Learn how to benefit from the small but powerful SCADAS XS acquisition system to reach your testing objectives.

Simcenter SCADAS XS capabilities

Handheld data acquisition

Enjoy the flexibility and broad noise and vibration testing functionalities of Simcenter SCADAS XS. It provides the ideal size, flexibility and measurement performance for optimal mobility, allowing instant field diagnostics and troubleshooting. It has a dedicated tablet application that allows non-expert users to easily set up measurements, validate acquired data on the spot, and export it into industry-proven formats.

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