Simcenter Sound Camera system

Quickly track down unwanted noise sources and accelerate acoustic troubleshooting to enhance product sound design.

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Mechanical equipment that uses the Simcenter Sound Camera.

Why Simcenter Sound Camera?

Simcenter Sound Camera enhances your product’s acoustic design. Its robust, modular design supports many sound source localization applications over a wide frequency range, both in the far and near acoustic field. The dedicated software shows results immediately after starting up. It delivers clear, graphical results that are easy to interpret and share. For increased engineering insight, you can also combine the Simcenter Sound Camera hardware with the Simcenter Testlab software.

Accelerate acoustic troubleshooting
This modular, high-quality digital microphone array offers an instant overview of sound sources for any noise-generating object. It can easily be used by occasional users as well as experts. It helps you confirm that you are working on the right problem, thereby accelerating acoustic troubleshooting.

Employ a robust digital array
The system has been designed to be a versatile solution, with arms that can be added or removed, making it an excellent tool to work with in multiple test conditions. All electronics are integrated in the array. The device is directly connected to the software application with a single cable. It automatically measures the distance to the source object.

Due to its lightweight, aluminum design, the array is robust and shockproof, yet it can be comfortably handheld throughout a measurement campaign. It can be easily and securely transported due to light but rugged packaging.

Access real-time interactive analysis
Simcenter Sound Camera shows results instantly after starting up. All relevant information is displayed in a single-sheet application in a clear and graphical manner. It does not require any training. The real-time software is highly interactive, allowing you to change the frequency range, display settings and the averaging method. Any change updates the source location maps, allowing you to accelerate the investigation.

How sound source localization helps save miners’ hearing

The Simcenter solution significantly reduced testing and measuring time, reduced costs, and helped mining companies achieve safer work environments faster and more efficiently.

Simcenter Sound Camera capabilities

Sound source localization

Accurately, intuitively and quickly visualize sound sources with Simcenter Sound Camera. It helps you immediately confirm that you focus on the dominant noise issue. Our modular digital and analog microphone arrays support a wide range of applications from acoustic troubleshooting to sound power ranking, and aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing.

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Engineer performing sound source localization with Simcenter Sound Camera.