Engineer performing sound source localization with Simcenter Sound Camera.


Sound source localization

Accurately, intuitively and quickly visualize sound sources with our sound source localization (SSL) solutions.

Accelerate troubleshooting with insight

Our sound source localization (SSL) solutions help you visualize sound directly at the source. Typical applications of SSL are troubleshooting noise issues, comparing the acoustic performance of product variants, and confirming subjective sound assessments with objective data. With SSL, ensure you work on the right problem before fixing it.


Fundamentals of sound source localization

Learn how sound source localization can support accelerated acoustic troubleshooting in this two-part webinar.

Fundamentals of the sound source - part 1
Fundamentals of the sound source - part 2

Mechanical equipment that uses the Simcenter Sound Camera.

Sound source localization capabilities

Localize sound sources in real-time

Our Simcenter Sound Camera system is a modular, high-quality digital microphone array that offers an instant overview of sound sources on any noise-generating object. It is a great tool for both occasional and expert users to accelerate acoustic troubleshooting. The system's design includes arms that can be added or removed, making the camera a great tool for multiple test conditions.

Simcenter sound camera system.

Quantify sound with advanced high-resolution methods

Advanced sound source localization methods can improve results accuracy compared to traditional beamforming. These methods are called focalization, irregular nearfield acoustic holography, deconvolution-based methods, and inverse-based methods like Bayesian focusing.

Bayesian focusing is a microphone array method that outperforms traditional methods both in sound source localization and quantification. It covers the full frequency range and allows a wider distance to the source compared to traditional methods. It works both for correlated and uncorrelated sources, contrary to other wide-band methods. Finally, it also delivers quantified results.

A person using Simcenter sound source localization software on a laptop.

Spherical 3D acoustic camera for interior sources

Our 3D Acoustic Camera is a spherical microphone array that provides insight into the noise structures of an interior cavity like a vehicle cockpit. A geometry scanner quickly scans the interior volume with a resolution suited for acoustic analysis. It then uses spherical beamforming to visualize sound sources directly on the geometry of that cavity. It is also capable to analyze the sound power contributions of the sources in the entire cavity, or of partial components. These can either be visualized as sources on the 3D hologram or as sound power spectra for comparison.

A spherical 3D acoustic camera inside the car provides insight into the noise structures of an interior cavity like a vehicle cockpit.

Visualize 3D sound intensity

Soundbrush, our 3D real-time acoustic troubleshooting solution combines 3D sound intensity with sound source localization. It allows you to visualize exactly what you hear and provides detailed, immediate results for easy identification of noise sources including sound intensity values, sound propagation directions, and sound power values.

A laptop with an acoustic software display, a camera on a tripod, a motor and a soundbrush.
Case study

University of Pretoria

South African university significantly reduces testing and measuring time with Siemens solution.

The University of Pretoria uses Simcenter to help mining companies achieve lower sound levels
Case Study

The University of Pretoria uses Simcenter to help mining companies achieve lower sound levels

Company:University of Pretoria

Industry:Industrial machinery

Location:Pretoria, South Africa

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Testing Solutions