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Design for reliability and maintainability

Focus on design for reliability and provide a model-based solution that combines capabilities for reliability allocation, reliability block diagrams, and reliability/availability analysis with multiple failure distribution methodologies.

Product lifecycle-based simulation analysis

Enable your engineers to generate design and service recommendations at each stage of the product lifecycle based on simulation analysis that can be aligned with the specific design state/operational configuration.

Design for reliability and maintainability capabilities

Maintenance cost estimates

Enable analysis and trade studies of sustainment costs based upon the design configuration, the associated mission profile, operating environment and maintenance approach. Establish accurate cost estimation for the system, subsystems, and key assemblies of an asset and then use it to compare maintenance-related through-life costs for alternate maintenance concepts.

Maintenance cost analysis from the Simcenter software.

Maintenance effectiveness review (MER)

Identify poor performing components and optimize the current maintenance by prioritizing unreliable items and optimizing their performance in a configuration managed process using a back-fit reliability centered maintenance (RCM) methodology. MER offers potential cost, schedule and technical benefits to the sustainment of complex platforms.

Components performance and optimization figures and graphics from the Simcenter software.

Reliability allocation

Understand top-level reliability down to the system’s constituent components and parts. Using specific targets as requirements during the system engineering process allows engineers to confidently design or acquire items to meet reliability targets. When items are later integrated into the wider system, fewer deviations from reliability targets are encountered leading to a reduction in redesign risk and costs.

Break down of a reliability allocation graphics from the Simcenter software.

Reliability block diagram

Generate reliability analyses directly from the digital risk twin, allowing for real-time, contextual analysis to keep track of the design reliability. Model a wide range of complex configurations, including series, parallel, standby redundancy, K/N, and exclusion. Engage the powerful calculation engine to compute reliability, availability, maintainability and lifecycle costs.

Reliability block diagram generated with Simcenter software.

Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)

Perform RCM analysis to identify the optimal maintenance schedule based on expected usage and anticipated reliability. Generate a technical feasibility assessment and cost comparison for alternate maintenance approaches that are configurable to integrate within an organization’s engineering processes. Stay consistent with industry standards (for example, MSG3, MIL 3034, SAE-JA1012) and be efficient and cost-effective at each stage of the asset lifecycle.

Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) analysis result from the Simcenter software.