Group of people using multiscale material modeling to simulate and predict advanced material performance.


Materials engineering

Multiscale material modeling to simulate and predict advanced material performance.

Understand new material performance

Companies are increasingly turning to composites and other advanced materials in order to reduce weight, increase strength and improve efficiency. However, the time and cost to develop and certify a new material can be prohibitively high, resulting in slower adoption of these novel materials. Additionally, advanced materials often behave in ways that are difficult to predict, resulting in longer time and higher cost to bring new products to market.

Simcenter offers multiscale material simulation software to help you identify where, when and why a material may fail at the microstructural level. Performance at the material microscale level is then linked to overall part and system performance using that material. Simcenter also helps engineers optimize their material to avoid failure and reach target performance. Using Simcenter, engineers can bring new materials to market faster, at lower cost, and with more confidence that their design will perform as expected.

Virtual material and product design

Simcenter 3D helps manufacturers comply with regulations and meet customer expectations.

Materials engineering capabilities

Multiscale material modeling

Simcenter enables you to zoom into the material microstructure to identify the root cause of failure and see what damage mechanisms affect structural performance. Optimize your material microstructure for the most cost-efficient performance.

Image of a Simcenter 3D modeling software.

Laminate composites modeling

In the quest to make products lighter and stronger, manufacturers are increasing their use of composite materials. However, is also prohibitively expensive to create prototypes from composites, so simulation must play a vital role in the development of new products using laminate composite materials.

Simcenter is at the leading edge of composites analysis through its continuous development of material models and element types. Simcenter speeds the entire process of simulating laminate composite materials through a seamless connection to composites design, accurate solvers and comprehensive post-processing.

Computer image of a laminate composite being stress tested
Case study

Solar Impulse

Simcenter Femap with Nastran is being used to optimize and verify the structure of the first plane to circumnavigate the earth using solar power alone.

Computer simulation of a glider airframe
Case Study

Flying around the world without a single drop of fuel

Company:Solar Impulse

Industry:Aerospace & defense

Location:Lausanne, Switzerland

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Femap